H�rna eru myndir af �v� sem a� �g gaf Bj�rgu fr�nk…

H�rna eru myndir af �v� sem a� �g gaf Bj�rgu fr�nku � afm�lisleiknum � saumakl�bbnum m�num. �g bj� til n�lap��a �r Hardanger Wreath stykkinu sem a� �g sauma�i um daginn. Aldrei �essu vant virka�i samstarf mitt vi� saumav�l. Ekki fl�ki� stykki, en �g l�r�i samt slatta � �v� sem a� ver�ur nota� � n�sta stykki. �g er me� anna� stykki h�rna heima sem a� mig langar a� b�a til n�lap��a �r og mun �g gera �a� vi� fyrsta t�kif�ri.
Svo m�la�i �g kassann, �etta var bara svona pappakassi, og setti � hann efnisb�t og bor�a og litlar mar�uh�nur � loki�. H�n f�kk l�ka Mill Hill kit og 2 sprengda DMC �r��i � bl�um lit �ar sem a� �a� er upp�haldsliturinn hennar. �g er nokku� �n�g� me� �tkomuna og m�r s�ndist h�n vera mj�g �n�g� me� gj�fina s�na.
Bi�st afs�kunar � �v� a� �g setji bara inn linka � myndirnar, en blogger er enn eina fer�ina me� st�la vi� mig og vill ekki leyfa m�r a� setja inn myndir.

�g er l�ka b�in a� sauma vikuskammtinn � Leyni SAL 4 og set  inn mynd af �v� �egar �g get. J�lasokkurinn gengur l�ka vo�a vel. �g er n�na a� sauma � RR fyrir hana R�su, valdi vo�a kr�tt�legan snj�karl og hann gengur bara nokku� vel, �tti a� kl�ra hann um helgina. Kar�tas er or�in hress og augns�kingin farinn. Ballett hj� Sumarr�s � morgun og �g var v�st b�in a� lofa henni Idol part�i � kv�ld.

Here are pictures of the things that I gave to Bj�rg in the Birthday Exchange in my stitching group. I made a pincushion from the Hardanger Wreath piece that I stitched the other day. Finally my co-operation with the sewing machine worked well. It is not a complicated piece to sew, but I still learned a lot from it, little tricks that I will use for my next piece. I have another piece here that I want to make a pincushion out of and I will do so when I get around to it.
And then I painted the box, it was just a cardboard box, and put some fabric on it and a ribbon and glued the little ladybugs on the lid since she loves ladybugs. I also included the Mill Hill kit and 2 variegated DMC threads in blue since she loves blue. I am quite happy with the results and she seemed very happy with her gift.
I apologise for only putting the links in this entry, but blogger is still giving me a hard time and doesn’t want me to upload pictures.

I am also done with the stitching on MSAL 4 and I will post a picture when I can. The stocking is going great too! Right now I am stitching on R�sa’s snowman RR and it is going great. I will probably have it finished this weekend if everything goes smoothly! Kar�tas is feeling good and the eye infection is gone thankfully. Thanks for all the well wishes! Ballett for Sumarr�s tomorrow (she LOVES it) and I had also promised her an Idol party this evening.

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