Here is the snowman that I did for Rósa’s RR. I …

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Here is the snowman that I did for Rósa’s RR. I had a lot of fun stitching this cute little snowman for her and I hope that she will like it. He was supposed to have a carrot nose button but since I didn’t have any I decided to improvise a little and I think it came out pretty good. I will put it in the mail tomorrow Rósa! Hope you like it!

I am hoping that my entry shows up and is not all messed up like last entry. I am just going to delete that entry anyway, what a mess!

Here is the pincushion I made from Hardanger Wreat by Victoria Sampler.
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And here is the rest of the birthday present. I made the box and included two variegated DMC threads in blue, a Mill Hill kit and some ladybugs like the ones you can see on the lid. And off course the pincushion was a part of the gift aswell.
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Here is an update on MSAL 4. I sent out two portions of the pattern this week since one of them was so small.
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We are going to a birthday party today to my sister’s boyfriend. We were also going to go to another party at my best friends baby, her 1 year old birthday, but she just called and the baby is sick. Poor little thing. I hope she gets better soon!

*crosses fingers while pushing publish so that the entry doesn’t get all weird on me*


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11 responses to “Here is the snowman that I did for Rósa’s RR. I …

  1. Sonja

    Harðangursstykkið þitt er svo flott. Minnir mig á mitt sem er hálffrágengið. Vantaði eitthvað smálegt og missti móðinn.

  2. Von

    Yay, Linda!! Your hardanger is very good! Isn’t it lots of fun to stitch?!
    All the stitching you’ve shown today is just marvelous. :))

  3. Rósa

    Þetta er allt æðislegt. Snjókallinn er geðveikt sætur 🙂 Takk æðislega fyrir að sauma hann 😀

    Rosalega flottur púðinn líka, ég er bálskotin í honum 🙂

  4. Bastet

    The snowman is a cutie I’m sure Rosa will love him. Love the birthday present you made up. Hope the party goes well and that the little one gets better soon.

  5. Isabelle

    Aw, that snowman is so cute! I bet Rosa loves it!
    And your VS piece is gorgeous, what great gifts! 🙂

  6. Barbara

    Your mystery sampler is looking great. And that snowman is such a cutie!!

  7. deibpia

    Snjókarlinn er ekkert smá sætur og nefið tókst vel upp hjá þér…

    Nálapúðinn er bara æði.. og allt hitt sem Björg fékk frá þér…

  8. Sonja

    Flott hvernig þú gerðir nefið á snjókarlinum 🙂

  9. Hafrún Ásta

    Þetta heitir að bjarga sér þetta er svakalega sætt svona. Og nálapúðinn alveg svakalega flottur.

  10. Ágústa

    Frábær nálapúðinn hjá þér og snjókallinn rosalega sætur. Ég þarf endilega að fara að kíkja fljótleg og sauma með þér.

  11. Susimac

    Your hardanger is brilliant, I relally must learn how to do it. Love the little snaowman too he’s adorable.

    Hope you enjoyed your parties you were attending.

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