I am currently doing Heart Sweet Bag from Victoria Sampler. I have done all the stitching except the blanked stitch edge and for the life of me, I CAN’T SEEM TO DO IT RIGHT! I have done it, frogged it, done it again, frogged it again. It just doesn’t look right to me even though I am pretty sure I am doing it right. *GAAAAH*

I need my mommy! I have to ask her to stop by tomorrow to show me how to do this right, and so that it looks right. Maybe I am doing it right, I don’t know.

Heh… yeah. I am frustrated that I can’t do such a simple stitch correctly. I am going tomorrow to buy ribbon and backing fabric (I am going to use different fabric for the back) for it and have my mom look at what I have done so far, and I am pretty sure it is not done right :-/

The heart motif is looking beautiful though. I changed the colors and will post a picture when I am all done with it. Now, time for bed!


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4 responses to “*FRUSTRATION*

  1. Von

    Linda, I’m sorry your so frustrated with the blanket stitch! What about it looks wrong to you?? I hope your mom can help you tomorrow. Chin up, my friend. 🙂

  2. deibpia

    skil vel að þú skulir vera pirruð.. en ég efa ekki að snillingurinn hún mamma þín reddi þér 😉
    Hlakka til að sjá þetta þegar þú er búin..
    >>>>>þú ert svoooo dugleg<<<<<

  3. Barbara

    I also had a terrible time when I first tried to do a blanket stitch. I still tend to do it backwards, but I’ve discovered that it works that way, too. 😉

  4. Rósa

    I’m sorry this stitch is giving you such a hard time. I’m sure your mother will be able to help you 🙂 Moms are good that way. Can’t wait to see it finished and see the colors that you used 😀

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