New phone!

I finally went out yesterday and bought myself a new phone. Actually, it was a gift from my dear BF Mio. My phone was getting old and he didn’t work all the time, only when he felt like it and it was a pain! Ridiculous how attatched to these things we get. I admire my mother, she refuses to get a phone. I asked her if she wanted my old one and she was like “NO WAY!” LOL! She doesn’t like cell phones at all!

My new phone is so cool. It is Sony Ericsson K700i very spiffy!

I also did some shopping and bought myself 4 new tops. And the most ridiculous outfit ever! I am going to a party tonight and the theme is the 80’s so I had to get something ugly! LOL! I am going to do some crazy make up and hair and I will try to post pictures of myself tomorrow. I can’t wait to go out a little. My MIL is going to watch Karítas for me as Mio is also going out tonight for a dinner and drinks with the guy who was interning at the studio for the past month as he is leaving back to the States tomorrow.

Karítas just fell asleep so I am going to stitch on her stocking now. It is coming along very well and I will probably put an updated picture of it here tomorrow.


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6 responses to “New phone!

  1. Bastet

    Have fun at the 80’s party! LOl! Your mother sounds a little like my Gran when she still lived with us. She liked phones, but only the simple designs. Didn’t like colour tv(gives off major radiation(herwords)but watched it, for her programs, the mircowave(until she found she could heat water faster for her cocoa) though sometimes i wish the phone didn’t exist. There’s been quite a few days this past week where it been like grand central station with all the phone ringing.

  2. Von

    That IS a cool phone!!
    Enjoy the party and give us a pic of you all dressed for it, lol!!

  3. deibpia

    Til hamingju með nýja síman skvís!
    Skemmtu þér vel í kvöld og ég hlakka til að sjá myndir af outfit-inu 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Well done!
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