80’s party pictures!

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ROFL! How UGLY is that outfit? I almost died when my mother found that tigerfluffyuglythingy in her closet.

And here I am at the party with my first serious BF Hjalli, we were together some 11-12 years ago! Oh how time flies!
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And here is a picture of the make-up/hair that my sister did for me (THANK YOU FANNEY!!)
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I had a lot of fun! The party ended a bit early since almost everyone went down-tow to some bar, but I didn’t feel like going so I just went home. Going out clubbing/bar hopping is not that much fun when you have to get up early with a little one the next morning :o) So, I went home and cleaned the make up off and went to bed and read some Harry Potter. I still have the crimp’s in my hair. I haven’t had crimps in my hair for at least 18 years or something like that!


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11 responses to “80’s party pictures!

  1. deibpia

    ROFLMAO.. er það eina sem ég get sagt…! :Þ

  2. Rósa

    Þú hefðir sko sómað þér vel í mínum vinahóp hérna í denn.. Sad but true, ég var fashion victim á þessum árum. Ég býst ekki við að geta nokkurn tímann bætt fyrir þær syndir mínar..


  3. gyda


  4. Barbara

    I actually saw a woman dressed like this the other day. Are the 80’s coming back? (shudder!)

    You look like you had a lot of fun!

  5. Von

    Glad you had a great time!!

  6. Bastet

    Glad to hear you had a good time. It’s amazing what we think about fashions when the theme parties call them. Then the all famous…Did I actually wear that?

  7. Carol

    Looks like you had great fun – how interesting to run into your old BF too!

  8. Asdis

    Þú ert engin smá pæja maaar… 😉

  9. Hafrún Ásta

    hehe looking good hehe vá hvílíkt outfit.

  10. Ágústa

    I can only say that I thank god I was not into fashion in the 80’s.
    But I have thinking that you actually would have looked pretty hot in that time :-Þ

  11. Patti

    ROFL Great glamour shots Linda! It looks like you had fun and got some great photos. Thanks for sharing!

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