Update on stocking

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I haven’t stitched anything since last Thursday when I went ot my stitching night, which was a lot of fun off course, like always. But since then, there has been no stitching. Friday I was running around with my mom all day and spent most of the evening at my parents house. Got home late and wasn’t feeling very well so I went to bed early. Saturday was also spent running around and my little one didn’t sleep at all through the entire day so there was hardly any time to stitch anyway. So I did laundry and other chores. Yesterday I was doing chores, the little one hardly slept and then we went to dinner to my BF’s fathers house. And then my cousins came for a visit last night and when they left I was so exhausted that I just went to bed. So, today I must stitch, before I go insane!

Apologies to my Icelandic readers, but blogger is giving me a really rough time so I can’t seem to update in Icelandic. In fact, I can’t seem to udate from the blogger page at all. So I have to cheat and blog through the photobucket site. Sneaky aren’t I?

Here you can also see how the MSAL 4 is going. Next part comes out on Wednesday and then I am also starting yet another MSAL. That is going to be fun. I haven’t decided if I am going to stitch it also, since I have yet to finish MSAL 3 since last year.

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8 responses to “Update on stocking

  1. Dawn

    The stocking is looking great! Hope you get some stitching time in today.

  2. Lili

    What a beautiful stocking!
    Yes, I’d also go crazy without cross stitch…
    Take care!

  3. Rósa

    That stocking is looking great! Can’t wait to see more of it. I too hope you can find some time to stitch today.

  4. Abba

    sé eftir að hafa ekki verið með:(
    þetta er svo spennandi

  5. Bastet

    The Mystery SAL is coming along nicely. Oooh! the stocking is really taking shape.

  6. Von

    Linda, your stocking is just amazing!! Can’t wait to see more of the MSAL.

  7. deibpia

    vá, sokkurinn alveg skotgengur hjá þér!!!
    Blogger er líka búinn að vera með stæla við mig en hleypir mér í gegn annað slagið!

  8. Carol

    Hi Litla, I saw your comment about my fabric over in the RR blog… didn’t know if you knew this, but Autumn Fields is a Zweigart fabric and I ordered it from Silkweaver only because I needed a large cut… you may be able to find it other places as well as it is not one of Silkweaver’s own 🙂

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