Isn’t he cute? Me and Kar�tas just took a walk in …

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Isn’t he cute?
Me and Kar�tas just took a walk in the gorgeous, but slightly cold weather. We went to the bank to open up my debet card (I lost it on Friday but found it again) and then went to pick up her Newton’s Law Birth Announcement that I stitched for her last year but never got around to taking to the framers. I am very happy how it looks! It is so difficult to get good pictures of framed stitching with glass :-/ So I am sorry if it looks a bit odd. Here you can see a picture of just the stitching. It is stitched on 28ct Tutti Frutti Expressions from Silkweaver with DMC floss. I think the fabric is absolutely PERFECT for this project. I had that fabric for a while and never knew what I should use it for, but then Mr.Newton came a long.

I have such a crush on him. I think he is the cutest bear out there *blush*

Now… to get stitching on this weeks part of MSAL 4! But first, I need to empty the washing machine and do the dishes. ::sigh:: does it ever end?


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5 responses to “Isn’t he cute? Me and Kar�tas just took a walk in …

  1. Hafrún Ásta

    Hún er æði hlakka til að klára mína

  2. deibpia

    hún er svo flott þessi mynd.. og ramminn passar ekkert smá vel við hana 😀
    (ég á ennþá eftir að klára nokkur spor í myndinni hennar Eyju og ramma hana inn.. svo að þú stendur þig mjög vel í þessu :Þ )

  3. Isabelle

    Oh, this is soo cute! And so is your baby 🙂 What a sweetie!!

  4. Rósa

    Ég er sammála, efnið passar fullkomlega við myndina. Þetta kemur rosalega vel út í rammanum líka 🙂

    Mikið er líka litla ljúfan þín sæt. Falleg mynd af henni í færslunni fyrir neðan 🙂

  5. Patti

    How could you resist someone so sweet as Newton. Your piece is wonderful and I’m sure your daughter will cherish it.

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