We took Karítas for the 5 month check up and inje…

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took Karítas for the 5 month check up and injections this morning. She

is 7390 gramms and 65,5 cm long. A healthy little girl. She whined a

little when the nurse “tortured” her with the siringe, but nothing

serious. I think her dad felt it more than she did. At least he looked

more nervous before it and was always telling her that everything would

be ok, while she sat on his lap and smiled.

I remember when I

took Sumarrós for the first time to get these injections and how

horrible I felt about “torturing” the baby like that. But you get used

to it like everything else. A picture of the pretty little baby girl

follows but she turned 5 months old yesterday and I took the picture

then. I also put in some more pictures here.


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5 responses to “We took Karítas for the 5 month check up and inje…

  1. Hafrún Ásta

    what a beauty hún er svo sæt hún Karítas Árný en hvað enginn mynd af stóru systir hvar er Sumarrós? Já ótrúlegt hvað þessar sprautur virðast angra foreldrana meira.

  2. deibpia

    glæsileg skoðun hjá Karítas og æðisleg mynd af henni 😀

  3. Von

    You have such a beautiful daughter!! She looks very happy! I can just imagine her laughing, kicking and waving those arms around in glee. 😀

  4. Bastet

    Your daughter is very sweet. I love Newton. You did a wonderful job on him.

  5. Lili

    Wow! She’s such a sweet baby! Reminds me of my own babies very much!
    Congratulations to the proud parents!!!

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