Another stocking update.

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Once again, blogger has decided that he doesn’t like me. I have posted all of my past entries from the last week or so, through photobucket. How annoying! But hey, it works in the end so I might aswell use it. The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t use Icelandic letters! I have tried to mess around with some settings, but there are not many options for this feature at the photobucket site yet. So, English it is.

That is the stocking, how it looks today. I have been working on it as much as possible, but I haven’t been sleeping well lately so I have been quite tired. And today I woke up a little sick. My throat is sore, my body aches and I think I might have a slight fever. Not fun at all! And the weather this morning was just horrible when I took Sumarros to school. I came home shaking and trembling from the cold and when I was about to crawl back into bed, Karitas woke up. Oh man! I just wanted to warm up a bit before I woke her up! So I just took her to the living room and wrapped us up in a blanket while I fed her. She was happy and so was I.

I need tips on one over one stitching. Does anyone have any good links or tips to share with me?

Oh, and here is MSAL 4 after this weeks stitching. Only two more weeks to go and then it is all done! I am still trying to make up my mind if I should participate in the MSAL I just started at the cross_stitch community on LJ.

PS. Hafr�n told me that she wanted new pictures of Sumarros too. I just didn’t have the time to update those yesterday. But you can find them here now. The last pictures in the family album :o)


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10 responses to “Another stocking update.

  1. Bastet

    The stocking is lovely, you’ve made wonderful progress. And the MSAL is really taking shape. Can’t help with the 1 over 1 never having done it myself…. yet.
    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling too well. Hope you kick the bug soon.

  2. deibpia

    Vona að þér líði betur krútta mín!!

    Sokkurinn er geggjaður… hlakka svo til að sjá hann fullkláraðann og enn meira til að sauma hann sjálf. 😉

  3. Dawn

    Your stocking looks great! As for the stitching one over one, I don’t know of a link but all I can say is to stitch slowly and don’t pull the floss tight.
    Your daughters are absolutly gorgeous! I had to sneak a peek at your pics. 🙂

  4. Von

    Your stocking is coming along soooo well!!
    Guess I would add that when stitching over 1, I sometimes need some magnification and it helps me a lot.

  5. Hafrún Ásta

    Adorably cute girls. Þær eru svo sætar Linda og Sumarrós hefur sko vissa svipi frá þér sérstaklega svona grallarasvipinn.

  6. Shelleen

    The stocking looks great!

  7. Rósa

    Vonandi er þér farið að líða betur núna. Sokkurinn er ekkert smá flottur! Frábær snjókall 🙂
    Skrýtið að Blogger sé að stríða þér, hann hefur ekkert gert hjá mér. Er bara soldið seinn stundum :-/

  8. Susimac

    Stocking looks great and I hope that you are feeling much btter.
    1/1 my favourite – the only tips I can pass onto you is
    1. Don’t pull the thread too tight,
    2.if stitching 32ct or higher then you might need a magnifier, I can cope with 32ct – just.
    3. I usually stitch the completed stitch as I go along not //// then back \\\\ just the complet X it tends to make things easier somehow and I usually stitch the /// \\\ way normally.
    4. Don’t make a mistake as frogging is hard to do on 32ct and higher. So don’t stitch if you are tired.

  9. Lili

    And the stocking looks great. I particularly love the greens on the snowman. I think I’ve caught up, now… You’ve been very productive lately!
    Take care!

  10. AnneS

    Sorry I haven’t been reading for a while … I’ve missed seeing what you’ve been up to, but I’ve been soooo far behind with blogs (and still have 266 to go – I swear, I wonder if I will ever get on top of them all ever again!!) – but I’m determined not to miss anything, so I’m still catching up on what you’ve been up to 😀 Your stocking is stunning!

    As for over-one stitching, the only tip I can offer, which is a bit different to other suggestions, is from a class I did in the USA years ago – in it the tutor told us to stitch it using half stitches right along the row, ie /// then back again \\\, but you stitch the stitches like a tent stitch in canvaswork – if that doesn’t make sense, I can try to send you a diagram if you want 🙂 Anyway, that way you have a longer ‘arm’ on the back of the fabric to put your needle under for starting/ending threads, and it helps to stop the thread from slipping under the fabric threads … I use it all the time for over-one, except for when you use variegated/overdyed threads, in which case you have to stitch each stitch individually. Hope that helps 😀

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