Becaus it is such a good day..

Five Things That Make Me Happy Today:

  1. The waffles that I made earlier. Whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, jam and coffee.
  2. My girls. They have been like angels all day. Sumarrós is a little sick, but such a sweetheart.
  3. Mio. He is not feeling 100% yet (he got sick too) but has been runing around the house all day doing things that need to get done.
  4. The warm weather.
  5. My new stitching project that I can’t share yet. I picked the colors myself and it is coming along very nicely.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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4 responses to “Becaus it is such a good day..

  1. deibpia

    hey.. núna ertu búin að gera mig geðveikt forvitna ;Þ
    En gott að þér líður vel og ert ánægð.
    Vona að Mio og Sumarrós fari að verða góð af veikindunum og að þú sleppir!!


  2. Shelleen

    Your breakfast sounds so scrumptious,mmmmm. I hope that your family feels better soon. We have very cold weather right now.

  3. Hafrún Ásta

    má kannski bæta við því að Silvía Nótt vann Evróvísíon ;o)

  4. Bastet

    Breakfast sounds like it was a wonderful one. Hope the sicklies get better soon.

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