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YAY! New stash to play with!!! Finally my order from The Silver Needle Super Bowl Sale came home to me! I was so excited that I was about to kiss the postman! LOL! I just LOVE getting packages in the mail, especially ones full of goodies like this one!

  • Raise The Roof Designs – Santa Clothes (scroll down a bit) + buttons
  • Hollis Designs – Snowy Littles + charm
  • Shepherd’s Bush – A Mother’s Love Needleroll
  • Shepherd’s Bush – Snow Fall Needleroll
  • JCS 2004 & 2005 Christmas Ornaments Issues
  • 3 packs Assortment Set of Metal Finishing Forms. I thought these looked cool and simple and would help me on the road of actually finishing some of my finishes! I think the will help me out loads in learning how to make ornaments properly etc.
  • 5 packs of Connect-A-Box (for all my beads). I can’t wait to take my beads out of the Mill Hill packaging and into these niffty little things! I *love* them!
  • Character Tape Measures With Personality – The Cow. I just couldn’t resist that one! So adorable!

I am so happy with all of this! And what makes me even more happy is that tomorrow, my order from Stitches N’Things will come too! Or so it should! If not tomorrow, then Monday. If Monday, then it will be a loooong weekend! LOL!


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8 responses to “STASH!!!

  1. Rósa

    Woo Hoo!! Excellent stash 🙂 I can’t wait for my order to arrive! Have fun with your new playthings 🙂 I now know what I forgot to order.. those connect-a-boxes.. They are so on my wishlist!

  2. Myrna

    A very nice collection of stash! I too love getting packages in the mail, and am waiting on one from Stitches ‘n Things myself!

    Enjoy your goodies!

  3. Von

    You are going to have fun this weekend with all this lovely new stash!! Fun ahead. 😀

  4. deibpia

    Ég sé að ég hef pantað sumt af því sem þú pantaðir! Ég er ekkert smá spennt að fá minn pakka.
    Ég held að ég verði að kíkja á þig fljótlega svo maður geti skoðað þetta hjá þér 😀

  5. Bastet

    What a wonderful stash haul! You’ll be a bit busy this weekend putting the beads in thier new homes. Have fun!

  6. Bastet

    Let me know about the metal finishing forms. I’ve been eyeing them but am unsure how they work, so keep us informed.

  7. Abba

    Glæsilegur pakki :o)ég á lika von á pakka frá silver needle og get ekki beðið :o(

  8. Lili

    Wow! Such wonderful stash! Stop tempting me, you, wicked! I love spending time arranging and re-arranging my stash. Some would call me maniac (but it’s only about xstitch…). I’ll have a look at your other pics and dream now… Thanks for sharing!

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