MSAL 4 is finished!

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All done!
This is Prairie Schooler’s E is for Embroidery, but, since I am Icelandic and all, I changed the lettering to Ú er fyrir útsaum, which means exactly the same thing :o) I am very happy with the outcome and enjoyed stitching it a lot. Oh, and since I am feeling brave, you can see the back if you click here. I don’t think I have ever shown the back of my work before….
Feeling very sleepy after a wonderful night last night with Rósa Tom. She came over and we stitched our little fingers off and talked and laughed so much!!! Thanks so much for the visit!

Today we finally went to my friends daughter’s birthday that we were supposed to go to in the beginning of the month but the baby was sick. Then my friend tried to celebrate the birthday again, but then all the guests were sick. Third time is the charm, because a lot of people were there today and I ate waaaay too much of that delicious french chocolate cake! *drools* It was just oh so so so good! And off course it was nice to see my friends. Anna Sigga and her BF Wolf and the birthday girl Alma Sóley moved into a brand new apartment in December and it looks very nice!!

Tomorrow, me and my BF Mio, Sumarrós and her dad and his dad’s GF are all going to the theather! I can’t wait! I love going to the theather!

I am trying to decide if I should stitch a little or go to bed early

since I didn’t go to bed until 3.30 am last night and then woke up with

Karítas at 7.45 this morning….


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11 responses to “MSAL 4 is finished!

  1. Myrna

    Your Prairie Schooler stitch turned out lovely, and how clever of you to adapt it for yourself.

    Have a great weekend…

  2. Bastet

    That shows what I knew. I had assumed the wording was part of the pattern. Wonderful job. Glad to hear that the belated Birthday party went well. Have fun at the theater!

  3. Isabelle

    Oh, your finish is great!! Love it! What a great idea to icelandize it too 😉

  4. Dawn

    It looks great! I hope you have a great time at the theater. 🙂

  5. Rósa

    It’s a very nice piece. I like the icelandic version a lot 🙂

    Have fun at the theater!

  6. BeckySC

    It’s lovely Linda 🙂 Congratulations!

  7. karensff

    Congrats on your finish. It really does look lovely! And I can’t believe how neat your back is. I am very jealous.


  8. Annemarie

    Hey Linda, this looks great, and very familiar :o) Do you know, the Icelandic text makes it look different, somehow. It’s lovely. I’m also impressed with the back of your work. No wonder you dare show this to the public!

  9. deibpia

    Myndin er ekkert smá flott hjá þér og bakið gæti ekki verið flottara 😀
    Takk fyrir kvöldið, það var ekkert smá gott að koma til þín (eins og alltaf 😀 )
    Vona að þið hafið skemmt ykkur vel á leikritinu í gær.

  10. Lili

    It is very very beautiful!
    I am totally impressed at the back of your work! No wonder: a beautiful work is beautiful above AND under!
    Well done and happy dance!!!

  11. AnneS

    Your MSAL is wonderful – what a great design! Great job – both front and back 😀

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