More stash!

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My order from Stitches N’Things came last night. I was going to post a picture of it then, but since I woke up at 5am yesterday morning, I was just way to sleepy. Had company last night, my cousins Bjarki, Elva and Sigurjon came and we watched Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire together. It was wonderful, even though I was sleepy.

Anyway, here is a list of the things I ordered:

I am thrilled with all of this!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my stash and the way I organize it. Lili asked me how I do it… well, what can I say. It is in my nature to organize almost anything, I am a Virgo after all 😀 And I have been cross stitching since I was about 4 or 5. This was my first project. I went with my mom to the LNS and insisted on getting this stamped cross stitch. I did it on and off for years. Then stopped, and then I picked it up again in 1998 while pregnant with my daughter Sumarrós. I did this piece (sorry about the picture, it is quite dark) first after I picked cross stitch up again. I haven’t stopped since and doubt that I will anytime soon. Here you can see almost all of my cross stitch works, there are some missing off course, but most of it is there.

My wrist on my left arm is hurting today. It has been hurting on and off for the last couple of days, but today I am very sore and I doubt that I will be able to stitch… I am going to try though. I was trying to fold some laundry earlier, but I had to stop because of the pain. I haven’t finished the stocking and tomorrow, February is over :-/ Oh well… I did manage to do Heart Sweet Bag, Long Legged Chick, the RR piece for Rósa, make my first pincushion and finish the MSAL :o) So not a bad stitching month really. And there is not much left to do on the stocking, and I will finish it as soon as I can stitch again. Going to give it a try now and see how my hand feels about it.


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9 responses to “More stash!

  1. Susimac

    Wonderful stash, no wonder you wanted to kiss the postman, you have some lovely choices there.

  2. deibpia

    úúú… geggjað!!!
    ég er alveg fallin fyrir Quaker Needlework tr… og Folding cross needlebook!
    …bara geggjað!!!
    Nú stefnan að kíkja til þín þegar allir eru orðnir hressir á þessu heimili 😀

  3. BeckySC

    Wonderful new stash, Enjoy 🙂

  4. Von

    You ordered some fun projects to stitch, Linda!! Just spent some time looking at the remodeling you did on your home – wow!! It looks marvelous now – my 8yodd would love that pink bedroom, lol!!

  5. Barbara

    LOVE your stash haul, and I do hope that your arm will soon be better. Take it easy, okay?

  6. Hafrún Ásta

    folding cross needlebook er geðveikt flott. Vonandi losnarðu við þessa sinaskiðabólgu (Carpel tunnel) fljótt það er svo vont að vera með þannig.

  7. Bastet

    Wonderful stash haul! Hope your wrist feels better soon, and that it’s nothing serious.

  8. Lili

    Litla! I’m a virgo too, and that doesn’t show… I was born 31st august. What about you?
    You got great stash, made wonderful choices, and the links to see it all closely are so convenient! That’s sharing! Thanks a lot!
    You gotta have that wrist rest! And you don’t! I’m just the same, actually. Sometimes, I feel my mental health is based on the few stitches I can make in a day…
    I loved going through all your finishes of the month. I think I first reached your blog when you finished this hardanger heart bag (so magnificent!).
    I am amazed to see you started cross stitch that young! Although Daphné is five too, and she has started a small heart, but I doubt she will ever finish it…
    Take care!

  9. AnneS

    Important lesson … leave the laundry so you don’t stress your arm out even more – your stitching is much more important ;P LOL. Seriously, hope it improves soon – your latest stash haul is wonderful. I’ve got the Quaker Needlework Treasures and Folding Cross Needlebook in my list to stitch this year (I’m doing a SAL for the Indigo Rose on later in the year, and can’t wait for it to start!).

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