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Here is a picture of me and Sumarros in the London Zoo in front of the tigers. We had a lot of fun at the zoo. Here is a little bit about what we did while in London. Some of the pictures are here, but they are all from Tuesday. I have to get the pictures from Sunday and Monday from Mio’s computer when I am feeling better.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon and checked in and went to our room with our luggage. Then we headed out and walked around the area around the hotel for a while and headed up to Notting Hill. Sumarrós wanted sushi for dinner so we found a sushi resturant and had some sushi. It was really good. I don’t think I have ever had bad sushi hehe. We then walked back to the hotel, stopped at a pharmacy and got formula for Karitas and baby food. The girls had a bath and then we all went to bed early.

It was rainy and windy that day. Very rainy in fact. We took the subway to the London Aquarium and saw all kinds of fishes and even sharks. Sumarros loved it but Karitas slept through most of it. She woke up a little bit and tried to catch some fishes through their cages and she seemed to enjoy it. We then took the train to the only LNS that I could find on-line and I did some shopping there. “Thankfully” we arrived there kind of late so I didn’t spend too much money there! I could have stayed there the whole day if we would have arrived earlier. I bought some fabric, threads, beads and a charm for my Italian Ice piece.
We then tried to take the tube back to the hotel but it was durring rush hour and there was no way that we could go on the tube with the kids and the stroller so we decided to take a taxi to the hotel. We had dinner at the hotel that night. The dinner wasn’t good unfortunately. Then it was bedtime for all of us.

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel. Then got ready to go to the London Zoo. We saw the penguins being fed and then just walked around and looked at all the animals. Karitas slept through the whole thing, but Sumarros really enjoyed it. After the Zoo we took a taxi to the hotel and Mio went out and got us some Burger King for dinner while I packed and by that point I was starting to feel a little sick. I just thought I was tired so we tried to go to bed early but I think we all fell asleep around midnight.

We had to get up at 3.30 am to go to the airport. Me and Mio were sure that the girls would be grumpy when we would wake them up at the middle of the night but they were both just smiling and in a very good mood. We were lucky to not have to take the train back to the airport, but got a driver! Mio’s dad asked his friend to drive us since he didn’t want us to have to travel in the middle of the night with the girls on the trains. That was a luxury and the guy that drove us was super nice. Me and the girls managed to sleep most of the way, but I kept waking up because I was feeling cold all the time. We got to the airport, checked in to our flight and then looked at the shops a little. I bought a new perfume and a mascara. Also all of the Harry Potter movies on DVD and Pink Panther and My Little Pony for Sumarros. The flight home was ok. The girls were complete angels, but I was starting to feel really sick. My mom came and picked us up at the airport and by that point I was feeling horrible. We got home, I took a shower and then we ate and I took a nap. When I woke up I knew that I was officially sick.

Yesterday and today.
I felt horrible. The night was just awful. I had a fever, 39°c and like always when I have a fever, I had horrible nightmares. My throath is so swollen that I can hardly swallow anything and it feels raw on the inside. I went to the doctors yesterday and I have streph throath :-/ So I am on antibiotics and trying to take it easy. Sumarros is off course at school and she is going to my parents after school today to spend the night with them and tell them all about her trip to London. Mio is such a sweetheart that he took Karitas with him to work so that I could relax. And that is exactly what I am about to return to right now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am off course waaay behind on reading and commenting on blogs. I will get back to it eventually. Right now, I am returning to the sofa with my needleroll and am going to watch some Little Britain episodes :o)


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Heima er…

… BEST! Oh hvað það er gott að koma heim. London var æði, ég er veik, svo að myndir og ferðasaga koma seinna.

Home sweet home!
Oh it is so good to be home! London was great, but I am sick, so pictures and the travel story will come later when I feel better.


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I have been…

… very quiet recently. A lot has been going on and I have been a busy little bee.

I just wanted to tell you all that I am not gone. But I will be “gone” for a while. Me and my little family are going to London tomorrow morning and staying until Wednesday. I am very excited! Getting to go on a trip with my family and to a place that I have never been to before! So ever since I knew we were going, I have been doing laundry. Lots of laundry. And a little stitching off course.

It says that our hotel room has ISDN and I am pretty sure that Mio will be bringing his laptop so I might update while in London. We will see.

I am going to get back to packing and cleaning. I like to come home to a clean house after a vacation.


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A Mother’s Love

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I am so glad that today is over. Well, it will be over when I finally go to bed. Thanks everyone for the hugs, e-card and thoughts. I am fine. Me and my better half just had a bit of a falling out today, but everything is ok now. It wasn’t anything serious really, but I always just feel so horrible when we “fight”. I am bad at fighting with people and it just doesn’t make sense, especially not after a couple of hours have gone by.

Anyway. To fight my stitching slump, I started a needleroll. This is the gift for my wonderful, helpful, sweet and loving mother for Mother’s Day. I know it is almost a month away, but I am going to give it to her tomorrow. And then I will just give her something else on the actual Mother’s Day. It was so much fun, in so many ways to stitch this! And they turn out so adorable! This is my very first needleroll, but definitely not my last! I have one more kit in my stash, a couple of patterns and I want a couple of more of these needleroll kits from Shepherd’s Bush. The instructions are also wonderful. The only thing that gave me a little trouble was getting the touch of hemstitching, but it only took about a minute to figure it out. And it gives such a nice effect!

Well, it is way to late here and I am going to try to find the energy to go to yoga tomorrow morning at 10am. Then Sumarros has a ballett lesson at 12.10pm and we are going for a visit to my parents house after her class and I am going to give my mom her gift. I love giving gifts, especially if I make them myself :o)

Thanks again for thinking of me. It is really apreciated! *hugs you all*


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I am having a horrible day.
I need a hug or three.


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Aren’t they pretty?
After drooling over these silks from Vikki Clayton on various bloggs, I finally caved in and ordered some. They are just oh so pretty! I just ordered some random colors, and I know I will definitely be ordering some more in the future! And Vikki is so helpful and friendly! I have been looking at my silks, and petting them ever since I got them yesterday. They are just so beautiful. Now I am thinking about doing Just Nan’s 4 Wishes in Vikki Clayton silks instead of the Au Ver á Soie silks. The Vikki Claytons are more affordable for me and that is always a good thing. Anyway, I can’t wait to try them out! I am thinking about using the Inky Depths or the Garnet to stitch Quaker Needlework Treasures.

Yesterday, my friend Rosa came for a visit with her girls. It was so much fun to have them over, and especially to see Rosa since we don’t get to see enough of each other. But it is so much fun to see our daughters Karitas and Soley together, they are born eight days apart.

I haven’t been stitching much.. I think I am going through a bit of a stitching slump. I just don’t feel that inspired. But the silks really helped with that I think. At least I am very excited to try them out!


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The stocking is done!

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I decided not to add the beads to the background instead of the french knots. I added them to the top of the stocking, and I am not sure I like how they are turning out. I might take them out after all. I think the stocking is quite festive and colorful enough, and has plenty of detail so I think the beads/french knots are not that important for the piece. So, this is how it will be. My mother is going to make it into an actual stocking for me. She did a great job on Sumarros’s stocking last year and I am not sure that I can sew a stocking as well as she can.

And I started on the mother’s day present for my mother. No sharing yet since it is a secret and my mom checks my blog every once in a while :o)


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First tooth!

I found the first tooth in Karítas just now! What a wonderful surprice. I had no idea she was teething! LOL! She hasn’t been complaining or anything! So, the day before she turns six months old, she gets her first tooth :o)

I *think* I am done with the stocking. I am trying to decide if I should add the beads to the background or not. I think it looks pretty without them so I might just not add them.


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Last week…

… was so insanely busy. Mio’s birthday, my baby sister’s birthday on Friday (she is no baby anymore, she turned 19, but to me she is always 6 years old) and then I had a dinner party with my girlfriends on Saturday. Guests came and went and the week just flew by. I have not managed to finish the stocking, but it is very close to being done. I AM GOING TO FINISH IT TODAY! Oh yes!

I just got home from my yoga class and feel full of energy, yet relaxed. The front door of my house didn’t want to open for me when I came home and I tried and tried to get it open but the lock wouldn’t budge. I tried until my fingers were sore, took a break and then literally attacked the door and threw myself on it at the same time as I turned the key and flew inside! LOL! It must have been quite the sight! I at least laughed a lot when I realised that I was finally inside!

Stitching is calling me! And then I am going to try and catch up on blogs!!


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Busy days…

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The last couple of days have been very busy in this household. Mio’s birthday was on Tuesday and we had a dinner party and I cooked mexican chicken lasagne that was just yummy. He got a lot of new clothes for his birthday, both from me, his mom and sister and also from my mother. Very usefull since he hardly ever buys clothes for himself.

Yesterday Me and Karitas had another yoga class and I have strings all over my body after it. But I love it! It is so refreshing and makes me feel great! I was busy for most of the day cleaning up after the birthday party the night before but managed to get a little stitching done in the evening. A little stitching again today and then I had company. I am doing well with the stocking but it is not going fast enough for me! I think I am just getting a little bored with it. I want to start working on the Mothers Day gift for my mom, but I will not start it until the stocking is done. If I get some stitching time tonight and tomorrow, I should be able to finish it.

Also, yesterday I booked my flight to Texas for my stitching retreat. I am going to meet my stitching friends in the US that I have known on-line since 1999/2000 and I just can’t wait. They have a retreat every year but I have never been able to go until now. Lack of funds or being pregnant like last year got in the way! LOL! But this year I am going and I am just totally excited! I am flying to New York on May 24th, landing there at 7pm and meeting up with my friend Aimee and get to spend the night with her. Then my flight from New York to Texas is at 4.20pm on the 25th of May and I will arrive in Texas at 7.06pm. Have a weekend full of stitching fun and friendship, and then fly back to NY on the 29th at 12.40pm arriving in NY at 5.10pm and flying home to Iceland at 8.50pm landing in Iceland at 6.20am on the 30th of May. Wheeew! What a trip! But it will be worth it. I know I will miss my babies SO incredibly much, but it is always good to get away for a while, and coming home after a trip like this is just the best feeling ever!

Well, it is dinner time. Time to make some pasta for my hungry peeps! I am behind on blogs (again) but I will try to catch up this evening or tomorrow.


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I just came home from my first mommy yoga class. It is a yoga class where I get to take Karítas with me and use her for some of the things that we do in class. She is like my weight and is also there just playing on a mattress in front of me. We both loved it and she was such a sweetheart throughout the class.

Now she is sleeping outside, in lots of warm clothes and feeling exhausted after the yoga. I am going to use the time and grab a bite and then do some backstitching on her stocking.


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Almost there!

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This is how it will look like when done.

I am thinking about using beads instead of doing french knots for the snowflakes that are in the background, falling down. I think it will turn out prettier that way. Then I am going to have to use 2 sizes of beads, the regular ones and the petite ones since some of the french knots are done with 3 strands and some with 6 strands.

Tomorrow I am going to start the backstitching. I can’t wait to get this done!


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Oh what a…

… glorious day this has been! I am just so happy!

Me, Mio and Karítas took a walk down town, walked down Laugarvegur, which is the main shopping street here in Reykjavík. The weather was cold but still and beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of our walk. We went to a store and bought LOTS of clothes for Mio as a birthday present from me to him. His birthday is on the 7th of March so he got his goodies a bit early. When we got home we had a small snack and then cleaned up a little around the house. Sumarrós came home after a sleepover at my parents house and imediately wanted to go outside with a friend to play in the nice weather. Now she is with Mio, driving his sister to a dinner party.

We are having dinner at my MIL’s (on the floor above us) so I don’t even have to cook! AND Princess Mononoke is on TV! I love that movie! Haven’t seen it in such a long time!

Just so that people are not confused… The pictures from my stitching night were taken at my house, the first couple of pictures in the same album are not from my house, but from the stitching trip to a cabin in the country side. I wish that cabin was my house though, with the fireplace and all. One day, some day, I will have my fireplace :o)

Almost done with all the cross and half stitches on my stocking. Will probably finish that tonight and then start the backstitching. I will post a picture when all the cross stitching is done, and then another one when the stocking is complete!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I know I am 😀


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Another Birthday

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The second birthday in my Icelandic stitching group just came up. My friend Gudbjorg had a birthday on the 28th of February and I gave her the Heart Sweet Bag I made. Off course I filled it up with goodies!
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It has 7 packages of Madeira silk floss, an assortment bag of Metal Finishing forms and Weeks Dye Works grab bag.

I had a stitching night here at my place last night and it was a lot of fun. It had been too long since I had seen my stitching friends. Even though I had a bad headache all night (and still have it) it was a wonderful evening. Karítas decided to join in the fun and she sat between Gudbjorg and Asta for a while and played with a measuring tape. I took some pictures, and you can see them here. There are also some pictures there since the same group went to a cabin for a weekend of stitching and fun! That was in April last year.


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