Oh what a…

… glorious day this has been! I am just so happy!

Me, Mio and Karítas took a walk down town, walked down Laugarvegur, which is the main shopping street here in Reykjavík. The weather was cold but still and beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of our walk. We went to a store and bought LOTS of clothes for Mio as a birthday present from me to him. His birthday is on the 7th of March so he got his goodies a bit early. When we got home we had a small snack and then cleaned up a little around the house. Sumarrós came home after a sleepover at my parents house and imediately wanted to go outside with a friend to play in the nice weather. Now she is with Mio, driving his sister to a dinner party.

We are having dinner at my MIL’s (on the floor above us) so I don’t even have to cook! AND Princess Mononoke is on TV! I love that movie! Haven’t seen it in such a long time!

Just so that people are not confused… The pictures from my stitching night were taken at my house, the first couple of pictures in the same album are not from my house, but from the stitching trip to a cabin in the country side. I wish that cabin was my house though, with the fireplace and all. One day, some day, I will have my fireplace :o)

Almost done with all the cross and half stitches on my stocking. Will probably finish that tonight and then start the backstitching. I will post a picture when all the cross stitching is done, and then another one when the stocking is complete!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I know I am 😀


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2 responses to “Oh what a…

  1. Barbara

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us!

  2. Von

    Well, your home is still lovely, Linda!
    What a wonderful day you’ve had – just so very pleasant!

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