Almost there!

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This is how it will look like when done.

I am thinking about using beads instead of doing french knots for the snowflakes that are in the background, falling down. I think it will turn out prettier that way. Then I am going to have to use 2 sizes of beads, the regular ones and the petite ones since some of the french knots are done with 3 strands and some with 6 strands.

Tomorrow I am going to start the backstitching. I can’t wait to get this done!


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16 responses to “Almost there!

  1. Anne

    Have been catching up on your blog and saw your stitchin night, it looks like fun, what a great idea. Have a great day Anne L

  2. Von

    I think the beads will be beautiful! They will catch the light and reflect it back just like a snowflake!!

  3. deibpia

    vá hvað hann er geðveikur!!!
    Hlakka til að sjá þegar þú ert búin að stinga hann og setja perlurnar

  4. Anonymous

    Vá hvað þú ert búin að vera dugleg að sauma !!


  5. Shelleen

    I love your stocking and you are doing an awesome job on it. The beads will look great.

  6. Rósa

    Hann er rosalega flottur! Hlakka til að sjá hann þegar þú ert búin að stinga hann og svona. Perlurnar eiga eftir að gera mikið fyrir hann 🙂

  7. Carol

    Oh how stunning!!

  8. Barbara

    WOW! Looks amazing. I agree that beads would look very nice.

  9. Lili

    Yes! Beads definitely are the best choice! Can’t wait to see the final effect!

  10. Carol

    Your almost done on that stocking!! I did this same kit maybe two years ago and I absolutely love it.
    Changing the french knot for beads is a great idea. I did the same thing and it turned great

  11. AnneS

    I agree with you about the beads – it will really suit the design. Wow, you’re almost at the end on this one! 😀

  12. BeckySC

    It’s going to be really great when finished! WOW!

  13. Patti

    Boy Linda you have made lots of progress on this stocking. It is wonderful and I like the idea of the beads instead of the french knots. Can’t wait to see it!

  14. Bastet

    My you’re really cruising on that stocking now. Looking good!

  15. Anonymous

    hann verður æðislegur þessi
    og ekki spilla perlurnar 🙂
    kveðja Sessý

  16. Myrna

    Good idea about the beads! I would hate doing all those french knots. It’s going to be darling when it’s finished!

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