The stocking is done!

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I decided not to add the beads to the background instead of the french knots. I added them to the top of the stocking, and I am not sure I like how they are turning out. I might take them out after all. I think the stocking is quite festive and colorful enough, and has plenty of detail so I think the beads/french knots are not that important for the piece. So, this is how it will be. My mother is going to make it into an actual stocking for me. She did a great job on Sumarros’s stocking last year and I am not sure that I can sew a stocking as well as she can.

And I started on the mother’s day present for my mother. No sharing yet since it is a secret and my mom checks my blog every once in a while :o)


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10 responses to “The stocking is done!

  1. deibpia

    Sokkurinn er geðveikur, hlakka til að sjá hann þegar mamma þín er búin að handfjatla hann 😀

  2. Bastet

    The stocking came out beautifully! I’m sure Sumarros will love it for many years to come.

  3. Bastet

    Sorry got click happy. Karitas stocking came out wonderful and will be treasured I’m sure.

  4. Annemarie

    Your stocking looks wonderful just as it is! Great job!
    How are your DD’s teeth? No teething troubles, eh? That must be heaven!

  5. Barbara

    This is adorable!

  6. Shelleen

    Great job on the stocking. Congrats on the finish 🙂

  7. Susimac

    It looks great your stocking, Santa looks so happy.

  8. Von

    Your stocking is just adorable! What an accomplishment – Congratulations!

  9. Lili

    Beautiful stocking!
    You shouldn’t have told your mom about your blog! No one around me knows except my DH and kids, so I can do whatever I want, Well, almost…

  10. AnneS

    Oh wow, your stocking for Karitas turned out beautifully – sorry for the late comment, but I’m only just catching up on blogs since my last visitors were here! I’m doing a belated happy dance for you 😀

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