A Mother’s Love

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I am so glad that today is over. Well, it will be over when I finally go to bed. Thanks everyone for the hugs, e-card and thoughts. I am fine. Me and my better half just had a bit of a falling out today, but everything is ok now. It wasn’t anything serious really, but I always just feel so horrible when we “fight”. I am bad at fighting with people and it just doesn’t make sense, especially not after a couple of hours have gone by.

Anyway. To fight my stitching slump, I started a needleroll. This is the gift for my wonderful, helpful, sweet and loving mother for Mother’s Day. I know it is almost a month away, but I am going to give it to her tomorrow. And then I will just give her something else on the actual Mother’s Day. It was so much fun, in so many ways to stitch this! And they turn out so adorable! This is my very first needleroll, but definitely not my last! I have one more kit in my stash, a couple of patterns and I want a couple of more of these needleroll kits from Shepherd’s Bush. The instructions are also wonderful. The only thing that gave me a little trouble was getting the touch of hemstitching, but it only took about a minute to figure it out. And it gives such a nice effect!

Well, it is way to late here and I am going to try to find the energy to go to yoga tomorrow morning at 10am. Then Sumarros has a ballett lesson at 12.10pm and we are going for a visit to my parents house after her class and I am going to give my mom her gift. I love giving gifts, especially if I make them myself :o)

Thanks again for thinking of me. It is really apreciated! *hugs you all*


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19 responses to “A Mother’s Love

  1. Rósa Tom

    Vá hvað hún er FLOOOOOTT!!!!
    Til hamingju með klárið 😀
    Mamma þín á alveg eftir að ljóma þegar hún fær hana hjá þér!

    Mikið er ég fegin að heyra að þér líður betur 🙂

    Knús og kossar frá mér og stelpunum og Góða nótt ❤

  2. Rósa

    Æði 🙂 Það er rosalega gaman einmitt að gera nálarúllur. Eftir að ég gerði mína fyrstu þá gat ég bara ekki hætt. og ég er sammála að SB gera æðislegar rúllur og leiðbeiningarnar eru mjög góðar hjá þeim.

    Hvenær heldurðu að þú byrjir á Snowfall nálarúllunni? Ég væri alveg til í að vera “samferða” 😀

  3. Lili

    You’re my first connection of the day! Glad to see everything’s OK now. Fighting is not my cup of tea either, but I think it’s always worth telling what you have to say (in the most diplomatic way) than shutting your mouth for years, and then realize that you don’t live anymore with the beloved one, but in the same house, period…
    Your needle roll is the most beautiful I have ever seen! Your mom will be so happy when you give it to her! You make me feel like trying another one… Stop tempting me!
    Oh, I always wonder: what does Litla Skvis mean, and what first name can I call you? (I don’t think this is Litla?)…
    Lots of hugs, to make sure you feel even better!

  4. Susimac

    Your mum will be so happy with your needleroll gift, its really beautiful, SB rolls are lovely aren’t they. Glad you feel better now and have made up with DH.

  5. Hafrún Ásta

    RISAKNÚS frá Grafarvogi þó þér líði betur núna þá bara notast það eftir þörfum þegar við á knús, knús í bónus. Þessi nálarúlla er æði nú held ég að ég þurfi að leita að svona á sýningunni úti til að prófa þessar nálarúllur eru svo sætar.

    Lili – Litla means little so that is not her first name ;o) Skvís means well not squeeze hehe said the same way but god looking & this girl surely is. ;o) Her name I’ll leve to her to tell you that …

  6. Isabelle

    Wow! This needleroll is so pretty! I’m glad that you’re feeling better. (((hugs)))

  7. Bea

    The needleroll for your mother is lovely. Congrats!

  8. Carol

    Oh, your needleroll is stunning!! I am so sorry you had an argument with your dear one… I totally relate to how lousy that feels, and then how silly it all feels later… ah, that is love!!

  9. Bastet

    Linda, I love the needleroll. You did a wonderful job on it. Glad to hear the instructions were clear. I’m thinking of trying one someday.

    Hafrun, I figured that Litla might be little. But wasn’t having any luck with the skvis.

  10. Von

    Oh, Linda, your needleroll is so pretty! Your mom is going to love it. I still haven’t stitched a needleroll, but I now have one in my stash that I hope to stitch soon. 😀

  11. Shelleen

    I love the NR. Glad that things are better for you 🙂

  12. Katrina

    what a gorgeous needleroll, congrats on your finish 🙂

  13. Sew-in-Love

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I love things like that, with speciality stitches on.=)

    Thanks for visting my blog too! Come often, won’t you?


  14. Myrna

    Your needleroll turned out very nice. The SB kits are a treat to stitch.

    Hugs and stitches…

  15. Dawn

    Wonderful needleroll! You did a great job. 🙂

  16. Rowyn

    That’s a beautiful needleroll. I’m sure your Mum will be thrilled with this beautiful gift.

  17. Barbara

    Your needle roll is gorgeous and I can just imagine how happy it will make your mom. I hope you are feeling much better. I hate having spats with my DH, too…

  18. María

    Vá hvað þetta er flott hjá þér geurðu kent mér að gera svona nála rúllur við tækifæri.

    Kveðja Maja.

  19. AnneS

    Your Mothers Love needleroll is just gorgeous – I bet your Mum will adore it 😀

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