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Ah, I am alive! Sorry for the silence recently, I was just sick all easter and have been slowly gaining my strength and health back over the last week or so. When I was sick I got a high fever and when that happens, my eyes hurt a lot. This time they hurt so much that I couldn’t focus on my stitching, so I started knitting again. I am knitting the sweater that you can see in the photo above. I am doing it for my wonderful Mio. I started it about a year ago, but it hasn’t been touched in way to long. Since my stitching has been suffering, my knitting has been thriving. I have finished the back piece, the two front pieces and have started the left sleeve. I am knitting it in the same color as you can see in the photo, using Lopi. I am really enjoying knitting again. I have only done one other knitting project, also a sweater for Kar�tas. She uses it a lot and I think she looks so cute in it. And I get really proud when I put her in the sweater that I knitted for her.

I am getting very excited about my trip to the US. It is only a month away! I can’t belive it! And I can’t belive that I will finally get to meet all my stitching friends that I have known on-line since late 1999. Woohoo!

I haven’t been reading bloggs either. I will try to catch up soon, but no promises as it seems a bit overwhelming at the time. Well, I better get the little one down for her nap. I might even nap with her since I didn’t sleep that much last night.


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Mini Cottages 3

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This is how the Mini Cottages 3 look without backstitching. I finished the stitching on it yesterday but haven’t touched it since. Karítas is now sick. She has a fever and I think it is probably because of her teeth. Her two front teeth are coming down and she is awfully swollen. So there hasn’t been much time for stitching since she wants to spend a lot of time in my arms, the poor little thing. Sumarrós still has a cold, but is feeling much better. I on the other hand think I might be getting strepthroat again! Not so cool. Anyway. We are just going to take it easy durring Easter and eat good food and relax. I hope to get some good stitching time in. I want to finish the backstitching on the Mini Cottages, and then I have a Round Robin here that I want to get out of the way.


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Cyber stash!

I just made an order with Mary at M-Designs for personalized tree ornaments for all of us. So there are 4 of them to do before Christmas this year.


I have already done Love Tree. I stitched that one over 2 threads and finished it up as a pyramid. I am also going to finish these up as a pyramid, but I am going to stitch them over one, so they will be a lot smaller. So the Love Tree will be the center piece, and I will have all of our names as smaller pyramids around the Love Tree. I think it will look really pretty.

The weekend came and went. I cleaned the whole apartment on Saturday. I still have to go through the closets and sort out clothes that are to small, not used anymore etc. and pack the ones I want to put in storage and sort out the ones I am giving to the Red Cross. Yesterday I got to sleep in late and then did a little cleaning and stitching.

I have also been working on Mini Cottages 3 and they are coming along fine. I will post a progress pictures soon.


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I managed to go to the quilting store today and bought fabric for the back and lots of other fabrics. I also went to the store and the pharmacy but that is not as fun. Everyone is sick here except for the baby.
Anyway, here is the cute little bumblebee all finished as an ornament. Next I am going to do Jig Of The Ladybug but I think I need to get rid of this damn cold first. Someting tells me that there will not be a lot of time for stitching the next couple of days since everyone is sick.

I also finally finished up the Snow Fall Needleroll from Shepherd’s Bush.


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Dance of the Bumblebee…

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And a happy dance for me! Dance of the Bumblebee by Bent Creek.
I love this little one! And belive me, it is little! I stitched this over one on 28ct Lugana color called Summer Khaki. I used WDW, GAST and DMC floss for this. I didn’t have the right ones according to the pattern, so I just used what I had on hand. This is my first project stitching one over one and I really enjoyed it! In fact I started it late Sunday evening and couldn’t put it down until I finished it late last night. I am going to make this into an ornament, using the metal finishing forms that I got from Silver Needle the other day. But I need a couple of things first and I am going to see if my mom can come over after she finishes work today so that I can take a trip to the fabric store. Sumarrós is home sick today. Poor little thing. She has a fever and a cold. And my nose is stuffy too :-/ I really do not like flu season at all!

I am also going to do Jig of the Ladybug and finish that one into an ornament aswell. I think they will be adorable together :o)


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If there was ever…

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… a time that I needed a LNS, a proper LNS around here, it would be right now. I officially have the fabric ready. The buttons. The chart. The threads. No…. every thread except ONE! Damnit! Thanks to Ágústa, she managed to get me all the threads needed for this project while she was at the The Stitch & Craft Show in London, just a couple of days prior to my trip there. Well, they didn’t have Crescent Colors so I only need one skein of Cherry Tomatoe to start this project! LOL! I will probably start it anyway and just skip that color until I get it, probably on my trip to the US in the end of May :o)

Just got home from a visit to my grandfather wich was wonderful as always. And now I am trying to decide what is for dinner. I wish there was some machine that told you what you should cook! I like cooking, but I really hate deciding what is for dinner every day!


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London Stash!

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This is the stash that I managed to buy while in London. WooHoo! I must admit that this was my first trip to a REAL LNS. I wouldn’t call the stores here LNS’s as their selection is usually shameful. Just very recently the one with the best selection started to carry Mill Hill beads. And getting linen is possible, but getting many different colors or speciality fabric/threads is almost out of the question. Anywho…. I loved the store in London. In the front of the store they have beads of all kinds and shapes and colours for jewellry making. I wish I could have stayed longer because I really wanted to check them out better. In the back of the store they have fabric, threads, kits, needles, beads, some selection of charms, scissors etc. Both for embroidery and quilting. I didn’t see any loose charts though.  Also some ribbons and lace but I focused on the speciality threads as it is not often that an Icelander can see these in person! LOL! I feel so amateur!

Anyway… I just grabbed the threads I saw quickly that I needed for some projects that I had written down in my little notebook. I only found 5 skeins of Deep Sea from WDW but I needed 8 for the project in mind. I will just buy the other three some other time and use these for the actual stitching and the others for the finishing. And I fell in love with the fabric. I had seen these around on various blogs for quite some time and really wanted to try them out so I bought a meter of each color. They had more fabric that I wanted, but they were just basic Zweigart Linens so I will probably buy them online sometime.

On the stitching front. Me and Rósa decided to do Snow Fall Needleroll from Shepherd’s Bush as a SAL and I have finished mine, except for sewing it together and stuffing it. I am not feeling well enough to take the sewing machine out. But here is the stitched piece.

I have also been stitching on and off on Mini Cottages 3 by Michael Powell. This is how they look at the moment.

I am doing all 4 on one piece of fabric. The previous ones you can see in my Yahoo photo’s, located here. It feels good to be working on these again, they are such a joy to stitch! I also browsed through my JCS ornament magazines today and made a list of the ones that I want to do some day.
So yeah, I am feeling better. Still don’t have much energy, but my throath feels loads better and the fever is gone. I am going to take it very easy tonight and tomorrow.


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