London Stash!

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This is the stash that I managed to buy while in London. WooHoo! I must admit that this was my first trip to a REAL LNS. I wouldn’t call the stores here LNS’s as their selection is usually shameful. Just very recently the one with the best selection started to carry Mill Hill beads. And getting linen is possible, but getting many different colors or speciality fabric/threads is almost out of the question. Anywho…. I loved the store in London. In the front of the store they have beads of all kinds and shapes and colours for jewellry making. I wish I could have stayed longer because I really wanted to check them out better. In the back of the store they have fabric, threads, kits, needles, beads, some selection of charms, scissors etc. Both for embroidery and quilting. I didn’t see any loose charts though.  Also some ribbons and lace but I focused on the speciality threads as it is not often that an Icelander can see these in person! LOL! I feel so amateur!

Anyway… I just grabbed the threads I saw quickly that I needed for some projects that I had written down in my little notebook. I only found 5 skeins of Deep Sea from WDW but I needed 8 for the project in mind. I will just buy the other three some other time and use these for the actual stitching and the others for the finishing. And I fell in love with the fabric. I had seen these around on various blogs for quite some time and really wanted to try them out so I bought a meter of each color. They had more fabric that I wanted, but they were just basic Zweigart Linens so I will probably buy them online sometime.

On the stitching front. Me and Rósa decided to do Snow Fall Needleroll from Shepherd’s Bush as a SAL and I have finished mine, except for sewing it together and stuffing it. I am not feeling well enough to take the sewing machine out. But here is the stitched piece.

I have also been stitching on and off on Mini Cottages 3 by Michael Powell. This is how they look at the moment.

I am doing all 4 on one piece of fabric. The previous ones you can see in my Yahoo photo’s, located here. It feels good to be working on these again, they are such a joy to stitch! I also browsed through my JCS ornament magazines today and made a list of the ones that I want to do some day.
So yeah, I am feeling better. Still don’t have much energy, but my throath feels loads better and the fever is gone. I am going to take it very easy tonight and tomorrow.


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8 responses to “London Stash!

  1. zoeandcooper

    What great stash and wonderful progress on your two pieces. I love the mini cottages.

  2. Rósa

    Gorgeous threads 🙂 I wish I could’ve gone to that needlework store with you. I’ve only been in a real one once before and that was way before I even knew there was such a thing as overdyed, handdyed, linen, evenweave or anything like that. Which means I didn’t take advantage of the experience, just headed straigt for the kits and bought a dimensions kit I probably could’ve gotten here in Iceland anyway! 🙂

    Love your roll 🙂 Of course I do, I’ve got the same one 😀 You know, I didn’t use the sewing machine on mine, I just whip stitched it together using the ecru (it doesn’t show on the back at all) and then stuffed it. Very easy and means I don’t need to clear the table for the sewing machine ;-D

  3. Carol

    What great stash from London! Thanks for the link for an LNS there! I had never seen one when Mike and I went – we’ve been twice… next time, I know where to go! You are a lifesaver!

  4. Katrina

    Lovely needleroll, and some great stash too. Hope you’re feeling a lot better now.

  5. Lili

    Pleasure for the eyes! Stop tempting me, Linda! Beautiful fabrics and threads: I actually DREAM of those at night!!! Well, that’s sweet dreams, ain’t it?!…

  6. AnneS

    Great stash from London – love all those lovely threads, and the fabric is gorgeous! 😀 I have a funny feeling you’re going to be stitching the Quaker Needlework Treasures with all that WDW Deep Blue Sea? 😀

  7. Anonymous

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