Dance of the Bumblebee…

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And a happy dance for me! Dance of the Bumblebee by Bent Creek.
I love this little one! And belive me, it is little! I stitched this over one on 28ct Lugana color called Summer Khaki. I used WDW, GAST and DMC floss for this. I didn’t have the right ones according to the pattern, so I just used what I had on hand. This is my first project stitching one over one and I really enjoyed it! In fact I started it late Sunday evening and couldn’t put it down until I finished it late last night. I am going to make this into an ornament, using the metal finishing forms that I got from Silver Needle the other day. But I need a couple of things first and I am going to see if my mom can come over after she finishes work today so that I can take a trip to the fabric store. Sumarrós is home sick today. Poor little thing. She has a fever and a cold. And my nose is stuffy too :-/ I really do not like flu season at all!

I am also going to do Jig of the Ladybug and finish that one into an ornament aswell. I think they will be adorable together :o)


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3 responses to “Dance of the Bumblebee…

  1. Abba

    Æ hvað hún er mikið krútt 😉

  2. Myrna

    Dance of the Bumblebee is darling!

    I hope you don’t get sick… this cold season has been a nasty one!

  3. AnneS

    Your Bumblebee finish is gorgeous – I love the threads you used 🙂 Will look great as an ornie too 😀

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