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Ah, I am alive! Sorry for the silence recently, I was just sick all easter and have been slowly gaining my strength and health back over the last week or so. When I was sick I got a high fever and when that happens, my eyes hurt a lot. This time they hurt so much that I couldn’t focus on my stitching, so I started knitting again. I am knitting the sweater that you can see in the photo above. I am doing it for my wonderful Mio. I started it about a year ago, but it hasn’t been touched in way to long. Since my stitching has been suffering, my knitting has been thriving. I have finished the back piece, the two front pieces and have started the left sleeve. I am knitting it in the same color as you can see in the photo, using Lopi. I am really enjoying knitting again. I have only done one other knitting project, also a sweater for Kar�tas. She uses it a lot and I think she looks so cute in it. And I get really proud when I put her in the sweater that I knitted for her.

I am getting very excited about my trip to the US. It is only a month away! I can’t belive it! And I can’t belive that I will finally get to meet all my stitching friends that I have known on-line since late 1999. Woohoo!

I haven’t been reading bloggs either. I will try to catch up soon, but no promises as it seems a bit overwhelming at the time. Well, I better get the little one down for her nap. I might even nap with her since I didn’t sleep that much last night.


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6 responses to “Hey!

  1. Sveina

    Gott að heyra að þér sé loksins að batna…og strákurinn sem er á myndinni, ef mér skjátlast ekki þá var ég með honum í bekk frá 10-12 ára…þekkiru hann eitthvað?

  2. Shelleen

    where in the US are coming to? Are you going to a retreat for cross stitching? Enjoy your trip.
    The sweater looks great.

  3. Carol

    Glad you feel better! Where in the US are you going to be??

  4. Lili

    I’m glad to see that you’re feeling better! Knitting for your loved one is also very pleasant!
    Keep on, and enjoy your week end!

  5. Von

    Linda, you definitely need to rest and get healthy for your big US trip!! Wish I was going to the same stitching retreat – you’ll have a wonderful time. 😀

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