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Seems like my stitching mojo is coming back, slowly but surely. I just finished the backstitch on Mini Cottages III by Michael Powell. To me it seems like it took forever to do. Now I am probably going to start Petal Fairy for my daughter. She has picked out the fabric she wants and everything. It is a beautiful sky blue color with white and pale yellow spots on it.

We had a great trip away over the weekend with my friends. I just downloaded the pictures from the camera and will probably upload them at one point, just not right now. We have the evening planned and are going to watch the Eurovision song contest. Sumarros is very excited about it and I must admit that I am excited too.

Well, off I must go. I have some cleaning to do and a load of laundry to hang from the washer.
If you want to see a picture of the three Cottages all together, click here.


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I finished it!

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Isn’t he cute? And isn’t the sweater gorgeous? It fits him perfectly! And the color looks great on him, or at least I think so. I am so proud! When he put it on and it fitted so well I was about to burst with pride! 😀

Now to get back to my stitching. I miss it!

Me and my girls are going away for the weekend, we leave tomorrow and come back on Sunday. We are going to a summer house with my friend Anna Sigga, her daughter Alma and our friend Monika. It will be great to get out of the city for a day or so.


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Another week gone by.

Wow, time is really flying these days. This always seems to happen this time of year, when spring is finally here. The weather has been gorgeous and I have been enjoying it. Taking long walks and just enjoying. I have also finished Mio’s sweater except for the collar. I don’t know how to do that. When I finish the collar I can wash it and put the zipper in and then it will be all ready to wear. I will take a picture of him in it and show it to you, he looks great in it!

I invited my parents and youngest sister to dinner last night. Made mexican lasagne and it was so good. The rest of it is being re-heated as I write this. Yumm, I love having left overs.

Karítas is all over the place now. She is not crawling, but she just rolls herself to wherever it is that she wants to go and pulls herself forward using her arms. So I am running around after her a lot these days. I need to childproof the home more. There are some sharp corners here and there that she could hurt herself on that need to be taken care of.

I promised Sumarrós that I would stitch Mirabilia’s Petal Fairy for her. Now maybe if I start a brand new project, I can get back into the stitching mode! I have picked out the fabric and every thing so I might start it tonight!

Ah, lasagne is ready to be eaten! Later!


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Nice weekend

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We had a wonderful weekend. On Friday night, me and Mio went out to dinner with friends and then to a club and danced and danced until way too late. It was wonderful though, and just what we needed. We haven’t gone out like this in months so we both enjoyed it very much. Nice food, nice people and a lot of dancing. I hadn’t danced in so long, but off course I enjoyed it. And for me, dancing is something that is like stitching, it gives me so much. I used to study and compete in latin and ballroom dances from age 5 – 15 and I really want to go and practice again. Maybe this fall we will be able to.

Saturday I took the girls for a walk down town and we fed the ducks at the pond, walked on Laugarvegur, went to Vegam�t for some food and then to a shoe store and I bought nice (and expensive) shoes for Sumarr�s. She needs good shoes because of her feet and good = expensive. They are worth it though as she loves them and says that her feet doesn’t hurt when she wears them.

On Sunday we went to the “zoo”. It has farm animals mostly but also foxes, an owl, fishes and other animals. Then my sister and her BF came to meet us and we went to have some ice cream. The Sumarr�s went with my sister and her BF to the mall while me and Kar�tas went home. I did laundry and cleaned a bit and made dinner.

Yesterday we went down town again but this time with my mother and my other sister. We went to feed the ducks again, walked around and then went to a little coffee house for some hot chocolate and cake. Then Mio came and joined us (he was working all weekend) and my mom and sister left. We walked around for a very short time because it started raining so hard. Instead we took the girls bowling. Sumarr�s loves to go bowling and she did good yesterday. Kar�tas seemed to enjoy it a lot too. Watching us bowl and doing her little dance to the music that was playing, so cute!

I am almost done with Mio’s sweater. I have only one sleeve and the collar to do. Then off course I have to put it together and put the zipper in, but it is getting really close to being finished! I am going to try to finish the sleeve tonight/tomorrow and then he will have a new sweater soon. Yay! Still not stitching…. I don’t know what is up with that. The stitching retreat that I am going to is in Dallas, Texas. I am meeting some stitching friends that I met online in a Yahoo group back in late 1999 or so. I can’t wait!

Well, I am going to go knit a little. I uploaded some pictures from April to my yahoo photos if you want to take a peek.


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