Where to start?

I know I have been a bad blogger. There is just hardly any time leftover these days for blogging. The little one is all over the place so the majority of my day is spent running after her. The older one is out of school so I try to keep her busy too.

But I did go to my stitching retreat in Dallas Texas last month. It was just amazing. My hosts were just incredible and I did a whole lot of shopping!! Not as much as I thought I would, but still, a lot. There is just no way of trying to hold back when the prices are that low. I mean, compared to shopping here at home, everything is cheap. I bought some charts, fabric, a lap stand and a scroll frame, the linen threads from DMC, some Kreinik silks, charms and just whatever I felt like buying. It was great.
And finally meeting my stitching friends was just awesome!!! We had lots of good laughs and had fun just getting to know each other better.
I finished this needleroll while I was there:
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I changed the fabric from blue to this sand color and also changed the lace. I think it came out pretty cute. I have some pictures from the retreat here if you want to take a look. I wish I took more pictures, but it seems like I completely forgot that I actually had a camera the whole time! LOL! My first night was spent in New York so there are some pictures from there too. Oh how I loooove New York!

I have also been working on Fairy Grandmother. I started stitching on her again at the retreat and am really enjoying stitching her again. I got a little bored with her for a while (ok, for a long time) but now she is coming along great!

And then I started Mirabilia’s Petal Fairy for my older daughter. It is going to look cute hanging in her bedroom. She is going to be 7 years old next Wednesday! I just can not belive it! She is my baby!!


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14 responses to “Where to start?

  1. Hafrún Ásta

    Þessi nálarúlla er svo flott. og takk fyrir gærkvöldið.

  2. Abba

    Glæsileg Nálarúlla Mér finnst litirnir og munstrið æði 😉

  3. Ágústa

    Takk fyrir gærkvöldið og nálarúllan er enn flottari í eigin persónu 😉

  4. Sonja

    Velkomin heim og í vefheima.

  5. karensff

    Your needle roll is lovely! I also love your WIPs they are going to look brilliant when finished


  6. AnneS

    Sorry it’s been so long since I visited – blogging has been a low priority while dealing with other stuff, back now I’m trying to catch up again 🙂 Just wanted to say how much I love your sweater for Mio – it’s no wonder you feel so proud, you did a great job 🙂 And your Michael Powell houses look fantastic – I love his designs 🙂 Your needleroll also looks great – I love those SB designs 🙂 And last, but not least, that’s awesome that you enjoyed your trip to the USA meeting your stitching buddies – I did that about 8 years ago, and has an amazing time, and spent way more than I should have, but it was sooooo worth it 😀 Look forward to hearing more about it when you get time 😀

  7. Susimac

    Your needleroll is lovely, I love the lace you chose for it too.

  8. Von

    What a shame you didn’t take more pictures on your stitching retreat, Linda! But I’m guilty of doing the same. I get involved in the fun and forget about pictures. Hope you get a few minutes to tell us more about it soon! I know how our little ones monopolize our time!

  9. Anonymous

    Hún á afmæli í dag, hún á afmæli í dag, hún á afmæli hún Sumarrós …. Til lykke með stelpuna Linda mín:)
    Stórt knús…
    Guffa og co

  10. Hrönn

    Þessi nálarúlla er rosalega flott, til hamingju með hana.

  11. Concetta

    I love your needleroll, and the mini cottages are looking fantastic. I just discovered your blog and will come back many times for sure. 🙂

  12. Asdis

    Hvernig er þetta með þig stelpa? Hangir bara á BL allan daginn og þykist ekki hafa tíma til að blogga?? 😉

  13. Gyða

    hæ systa miss you!!

  14. Lana

    I love the needle roll!

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