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I made my very first Biscornu just now. Actually I started it yesterday and just finished it now. It is stitched with silk floss from Vicky Clayton called Autumn Leaves and I just love how it comes out. And stitching with her silks is such a joy! I am a sucker for silks, and these are just wonderful. There are also some Mill Hill beads there for a little detail. Sewing it together was not as hard as I thought at first. Actually it was very easy. The fabric is 32ct Belfast Linen from Zweigart and the color is called Cognac. I have had this fabric for a long time, just never sure what to do with it. The pattern is from an old pattern book that my mother had in her stash with all very very old Icelandic patterns that have been found in old churches mostly throughout the centuries. I love that patternbook, and the other one that I also have with simular patterns, many of which are perfect for Biscornus :o)
My daughter Sumarrós is in love with this little pillow so I decided to give it to her. It was a nice practice piece for the Biscornu exchange that will be in September in my Icelandic stitching group :o)


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I just finished the scarecrow that I was stitching…

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I just finished the scarecrow that I was stitching for a friends RR. A person dropped out of the RR so I offered to be a pitch stitcher for the piece. It is done one Perforated Paper wich can be fun to work with but I am getting a little sick of it after all the Mill Hill stuff that I have been doing on Perforated Paper recently. I love using it for bookmarks and magnets though.

Haven’t done any other stitching recently. But now I am going to work on Petal Fairy again and also a housewarming gift for my friend that I stayed with durring the stitching retreat in Texas. She and her family moved just a couple of days after the retreat to Phoenix so I am doing a gift for them.

Mio just went out to get a movie for us, so I am going to get cozy on the sofa and have a relaxing night. I need it after all the cleaning I did yesterday. Hope that you all had a good weekend!


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Petal Fairy WIP

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This is how Petal Fairy is coming along. I am just in love with the colors. At first I thought they looked a bit weird, but the more I stitch on her the more I like the colors. My daughter can’t wait for me to get to the beads and Kreinik. She just loves sparkly things. I also like the fabric that I decided on using. It is from Silkweaver’s Expressions line called Dreamin’. You can’t really tell by the picture but it has a hint of yellow along with the white. She is the only thing I have been stitching on. Well, I have done a little stitching on a Round Robin, but not enough to share a picture. I really need to get that RR finished as soon as possible. Maybe I will focus on it this week. Shouldn’t take me more than a couple of days to get it finished. It is a scarecrow on Perforated Paper and is going to look very cute when done.

Sumarr�s turned 7 years old (where oh where does the time go?) on June 14th. If you want to see pictures from the birthday party you can see them here. My mother made my daughters matching dresses (the blue patterned ones in the first pictures) and off course they wore them at the party. So cute! Not much else is going on around here. Sumarr�s is going to Mallorca with my parents on July 25th for 3 weeks. She is very excited about it. At first we all thought about going, but neither me or Mio are the types that enjoy beaches and really touristy places so Sumarr�s is just going. My parents, my sisters, my grandfather and his wife, my mothers sister and her family and my fathers sister and her family are all going. It is going to be so much fun for Sumarr�s.

I will try to blog more often. I just haven’t been in the mood to do so lately. Sure I have been spending time on-line, just haven’t felt like blogging. I am going to work on that scarecrow and post a picture when it is done.


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