I made my very first Biscornu just now. Actually I started it yesterday and just finished it now. It is stitched with silk floss from Vicky Clayton called Autumn Leaves and I just love how it comes out. And stitching with her silks is such a joy! I am a sucker for silks, and these are just wonderful. There are also some Mill Hill beads there for a little detail. Sewing it together was not as hard as I thought at first. Actually it was very easy. The fabric is 32ct Belfast Linen from Zweigart and the color is called Cognac. I have had this fabric for a long time, just never sure what to do with it. The pattern is from an old pattern book that my mother had in her stash with all very very old Icelandic patterns that have been found in old churches mostly throughout the centuries. I love that patternbook, and the other one that I also have with simular patterns, many of which are perfect for Biscornus :o)
My daughter Sumarrós is in love with this little pillow so I decided to give it to her. It was a nice practice piece for the Biscornu exchange that will be in September in my Icelandic stitching group :o)


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11 responses to “Biscornu.

  1. Rósa Tom

    Rosalega er þetta flott hjá þér.
    Flott efni og litasamsetningin alveg brilliant.
    Hlakka til að sjá næsta Biscornu hjá þér 😉

  2. Anita

    You did a great job. I love
    the fabric and the color.
    I want to make one soon too.

  3. Concetta

    Your biscornu is stunning! I’ve never done one before, but I sure want to after seeing yours. Lucky Sumarrós getting it. 😉

  4. Hafrún Ásta

    vá hvað þetta er flott hlakka til að gera einn sjálf.

  5. abe/happy

    Hello have found your blog while surfing the stitching sites, Love your biscornu pattern. I made on recently too and it was fun, Im thinking of making another soon.
    Love your site, will pop back again.
    have a great day

  6. abe/happy

    sorry I think I put the wron link on the last post *lol*

  7. Lana

    very cute! Good job!

  8. Tessa

    Well done, I really like the colour of the linen you chose. I am going to warn you that these little pillows are very addictive!!!!

  9. Miss Kat

    Very cute!! I use also Vicky Claiton silks and they’re the best!!!!

  10. Von

    Linda you did a fantastic job on your first biscornu! They are a great little project. 😀

  11. Sew-in-Love

    Very stylish! What are they for??


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