They keep coming…

More birthday presents. I think I will be able to open up a small LNS soon! LOL!
From Rannveig Lena:
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4 skeins of DMC, a baby bib with a stitching border, small frame, stitchers notebook, Country Friends from Jeremiah Junction, 22ct Hardanger fabric, 14ct Opalescent Aida – Sparkling Promise from Silkweaver, 32ct Belfast  Linen – Miracle Mint from Silkweaver.

From Gudbjorg:
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Flowers Feed the Soul – Mill Hill kit, a tablecloth with a stitching area, Permin of Copenhagen kit for a table cloth done in Hardanger.

From Brenda:
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3 pieces of fabric from Silkweaver, a pack of greething cards, Dress it Up – Autumn Leaves, Needles, 3 packs of Mill Hill beads, 3 skeins of DMC Linen floss, Celebration of Love – Mill Hill kit and my favorite; a bookmark that Brenda made for me!

From Agusta:
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3 pieces of fabric, North Pole Delivery – Mill Hill kit, Real Roses – The Drawn Thread chart and silk floss, 2 kits from The Victoria Samplers Learning series!
And last but not least, Agusta gave me this Barbapapa cup! I have loved the Barbapapa family since I was a baby so this one is extra special to me! Isn’t it cute?
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I am just speachless. Seriously.

On the stitching front; I have finished the biscornu for the exchange in september and will mail it out very soon. Then I can share some pictures with you. I love how the biscornu came out, the colors and fabric go really well together.


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7 responses to “They keep coming…

  1. Cheryl in DC

    Wow! I’m enviouse. You are really lucky to have such generous friends. What a nice selection you’ve received. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Hafrún Ásta

    Ég er búin með minn biscornu líka og var að pæla í hvenær má senda hann af stað vildi ekki vera langt á undan.

  4. Tessa

    wow wow wow A Happy Birthday to you, you lucky girl 🙂

  5. Von

    I’d say you were royally spoiled, Linda!! What a way to celebrate. 😀

  6. Concetta

    WOW, you’ve been getting some wonderful stash lately! Enjoy it! 🙂

    How is your lovely Petal Fairy coming along, any more progress?

  7. shak

    i thought of you last 27th August, as you could imagine 🙂 the day after mine. it’s strange, sometimes i remember you, without a reason.

    how are you?
    i’ve moved to berlin and i work as a photographer. that’s better than my past life in spain! 😉

    big kisses 🙂


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