Petal Fairy Update

Here is proof that I have actually been stitching a little. Not much, but yet a little.
I just wanted to post this picture before I turn in. I am so sleepy these days. Karitas has just started going to the daycarprovider and I will start working again on Friday. A little nervous, but not so much. A lot excited, but nervous also. It is going to be strange to be working again after staying home for more than a year.
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5 responses to “Petal Fairy Update

  1. abe/hap

    your petal fairy looks great – so pretty.

  2. Rósa Tom

    vá.. hún er algjört æði!
    Hún virðist nú bara ganga nokkuð vel hjá þér þrátt fyrir allt annað sem þú hefur verið að sauma ;D

  3. Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous. Ann.

  4. Hafrún Ásta

    Vá hvað hún er að verða flott …

  5. Concetta

    It’s looking wonderful. 🙂 I really do love that fabric for her. Good luck on Friday… you will do GREAT I’m sure!!

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