By Shepherd’s Bush

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I finished two projects by in two days. Both by Shepherd’s Bush. The one above is called Keeping The Bees and the one below is Tending The Blooms. They are stitched on 32ct linen with one strand of silk over two threads of fabric. The pictures are a little out of focus and I am sorry about that but I just couldn’t get better shots of them. I have also made one present but it is a secret until it reaches its new home. I will post pictures when that happens.

Now that I am looking at Keeping The Bees I see that it is not exactly right. The edges do not match up so I am going to have to fix that. Also, I obviously didn’t fill in the flowers. LOL! Oh well, you just have to imagine how it looks all perfect. I am going to fix it now and then work a little more on Petal Fairy. I can hopefully post a progress picture of her tonight or tomorrow. I have started working again so there is not much time left for stitching, but I do stitch every chance I get. I have just been so tired that I have been going to bed very early recently.


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10 responses to “By Shepherd’s Bush

  1. Rósa Tom

    Þær eru svo geðveikar þessar myndir Linda.
    Mun flottari með berum augum.
    Takk fyrir gærkvöldið og ég kíki á þig fljótlega aftur… ég fyllist svo orku að koma í heimsókn til þín.. er búin að vera geðveikt dugleg í dag og er ekkert smá ánægð með mig 😉

  2. Rósa

    Þetta lítur bara vel út 😀 Ekki við öðru að búast frá þér 😉

    Ég hlakka svo til að sjá Petal Fairy hjá þér.

  3. AnneS

    Your SB designs look wonderful! 😀

  4. Concetta

    Your SB designs are beautiful. I sure do love SB. 🙂

  5. Susimac

    The SB stitching looks wonderful, congratulations on your finishes.

  6. Von

    Your error is so slight, I’m not sure it’s worth fixing. 😀 I wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t said anything, lol!

    They’re beautiful, Linda!!

  7. Gyða

    ógislega lánt síðan ég heimsótti þig hérna bara seja hæhæ!!

  8. Gyða

    ógislega lánt síðan ég heimsótti þig hérna bara seja hæhæ!!

  9. Bea

    They are both lovely. SB is one of my favoruite designers and your finishes remember me the stocking I should finish… Congrats!

  10. Singular Stitches

    Very pretty!

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