Petal Fairy.

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I finished all the cross stitching and backstitching on her this weekend. I went away with my cross stitch group to a cabin in the countryside where we spent the whole weekend stitching, chatting and eating wonderful food. And these are the results. I started the beading today and it is slow going since I am sick at home. I have a bad cold and a fever and my little one is also sick. I am going to do some more beading tonight when the girls are in bed and asleep.


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10 responses to “Petal Fairy.

  1. Anonymous

    Vá þetta er svo geðveikt flott mynd hlakka til að sjá hann með öllum perlunum og innrammaða … Láttu þér batna og knús á snúllurnar þínar líka.

  2. quiltorstitch

    Gorgeous! (it’s me oregonsurfers from Livejournal) I just started a blog here. I sure love this piece, it’s so cute.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats on the finish! She is so beautiful:)

  4. Rósa Tom

    Hún er geggjuð Linda mín!!!
    Mun flottari þó með berum augum.
    Hlakka svo til að sjá hana fullkláraða.
    Vona að þér og stelpunum fari nú að líða betur.
    Knús og kossar og fullt af batnarstraumum

  5. Katrina

    She looks beautiful and what lovely fabric you chose to stitch her on 🙂

  6. Singular Stitches

    She’s beautiful!!

  7. AnneS

    Wow, she looks gorgeous – and you’re soooo close to a happy dance now! That fabric suits her beautifully! 😀

  8. Shelleen

    she is just gorgeous, Looks like we need our dancing shoes ready 🙂

  9. Sveina

    Æðisleg mynd…hlakka til að sjá hana með perlunum:)

  10. Abba

    Glæsileg mynd þú ert líka bara snilld ;)vonandi fer ykkur að batna.

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