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I haven’t done these in forever, so I decided to start doing them again to get me in the blogging and stitching mode again. I have missed my blogging friends a lot so this is my attempt to get myself back into the swing of things. So here goes!


Today’s SBQ is: How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically,do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

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I usually always use the loop method. I find it easiest and neatest. If I do not use the loop method, like when I am using overdyed floss or one strand of floss, I lay a little piece of the thread to the back and stitch over it. I never use knots on my work, well, with the exceptions of french knots 😉


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Biscornu exchange goodies.

Here is a picture of all the other goodies I sent to Hannah with the biscornu in my previous post. I sent her 2 pieces of linen, 5 skeins of Six Strand Sweets floss and a pack of Mill Hill beads.

My friend Rósa came over last night for some stitching. I worked on my Santa Globe and it is coming along nicely.

Over the weekend my daughters will be with their fathers and I plan on start on some Christmas cleaning. I am going to do my bedroom and Sumarrós’s bedroom, the laundryroom and hallway. I have to go through everything and throw a lot of stuff out and such, so it will be nice to do so when I have the peace and quiet to do everything. Blast some music, do a little stitching inbetween and just enjoy to have the time to do everything that has to be done.

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Biscornu exchange receaved!

Hannah in Florida got the biscornu I made for her in an exchange in this community. She says she is very happy with it and I am so glad.
There is a little error in it though, you can see it. The funny (or not so funny) thing is that I didn’t even notice this until I had already sent the biscornu and was downloading the pictures from the camera to my computer. I was kicking myself so hard for this stupid mistake! I have never sent anything out with a mistake on it before and I hope I never will again. I also hope that this little mistake will make the biscornu even more special for Hannah :o)

Here is the front:
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And the back:
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I finally started a little holiday stitching. I am working on Santa Globe by Bent Creek and will probably finish it as an ornament. I have also been working on Rose Mosaic Needleroll by M-designs but I ran out of one color of the Kreinik silk. A little frustrated with that since I have to order it somewhere since nobody sells Kreinik silks here in Iceland. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do about your passion!

I have also finished knitting a scarf for myself. It is kind of hard to take a picture of it since it is black, but I am going to try it. Maybe I can get my older daughter to take the picture of me modeling with it.


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I forgot!

I have forgotten to show pictures of some gifts that I have been making for friends.

A dish towell I made for my friend Tracy as a housewarming gift.
I made a biscornu for my friend Maggý.
And a biscorny for my friend Colleen. Front and back.

I have been thinking about doing some christmas gifts this year, but I doubt that I will have the time to do so. I work full time and then have to care for the kiddos and then there is housework etc. so time is something that I do not have enough of these days. But I will probably make some christmas presents. I always do and somehow end up finding the time even when I think I have none.


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Petal Fairy by Mirabilia FINISHED

Happy dance, happy happy dance!

She is done! I will have the time to get her framed before christmas and give her to my daughter Sumarrós for Christmas!

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And there are some up-close pictures of the beading in my Yahoo album here. Now I am working on Fairy Grandmother by L&L and here is my progress on her.

I have also been knitting. I am making a big black scarf for myself for winter and then I am also going to knitt a dress for Karítas who is now 14 months old. I can’t belive how fast she is growing.

I am also working on a biscornu for an exchange over at Live Journal. It is turning out beautiful and I can’t wait to show you all a picture of it once it is finished and receaved at its new home.

One more thing, on a personal note. I am now a single mother of two. Me and my BF broke up about 2-3 months ago. Don’t worry, I am doing ok considering. Off course things are more difficult on my own, but it is all worth it because my daughters are happy. And I am happy :o)


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