Biscornu exchange goodies.

Here is a picture of all the other goodies I sent to Hannah with the biscornu in my previous post. I sent her 2 pieces of linen, 5 skeins of Six Strand Sweets floss and a pack of Mill Hill beads.

My friend Rósa came over last night for some stitching. I worked on my Santa Globe and it is coming along nicely.

Over the weekend my daughters will be with their fathers and I plan on start on some Christmas cleaning. I am going to do my bedroom and Sumarrós’s bedroom, the laundryroom and hallway. I have to go through everything and throw a lot of stuff out and such, so it will be nice to do so when I have the peace and quiet to do everything. Blast some music, do a little stitching inbetween and just enjoy to have the time to do everything that has to be done.


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