Christmas stitching.

The holidays are fast aproaching, too fast if you ask me. I have been getting a little time in for some holiday stitching and have a few projects to share.
First, the stocking that I made for my daughter Karitas earlier this year. My mother made it into a stocking last week for me and I absolutely love it. So does the little one :o)

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I stitched Sante Globe by Bent Creek and put it on a box and used it as a Secret Santa gift at my office. I am happy with how it came out and it was a little difficult to part with but the lady that got it was really happy with it.

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Inside that box was a mitten. I tried something a little different and made a mitten out of felt and it came out really cute! Then I filled up the box with some candy :o)

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4 responses to “Christmas stitching.

  1. Shelleen

    the stocking in beautiful and I love the christmas box that you did.

  2. AnneS

    The stocking looks stunning all finished 😀 And your Christmas box is gorgeous, along with the mitten – very very cute! 😀

  3. Rósa Tom

    Þetta er allt saman svo geðveikt flott og svoooo miklu flottara með berum augum.

    Gaman að sjá hreyfinguna á blogginu hjá þér skvís, ég var farin að sakna þess ansi mikið sko.

  4. Terri M

    Oh, Linda, congratulations on finishing the stocking! It’s gorgeous. I have the Bent Creek Santa globe in my stash. That’s a great finishing idea.

    And congratulations to you for parting with Santa and the adorable mitten. :o)

    Terri M (aka zoomcity on lj)

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