Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!

This is going to be a post about all my 2006 finishes.

1) Dragonfly Scissor Purse by Just Nan. Front and back.
2) Italian Ice, freebie by Just Nan. I still have to put the frosted snowflake in the middle.
3) Hardanger Wreath by Victoria Sampler, made into a pincushion.
4) Heart Sweet Bag, freebie by Victoria Sampler. Made the bag bigger and in different colors.
5) Snowman Round Robin for Rósa. I stitched a square for her as one lady dropped out of the Round Robin. Pattern by Stoney Creek.
6) Long Legged Chick by Ewe Eye and Friends. Changed the colors.
7) Christmas stocking for my daughter Karítas. My mother did the sewing.
8) E is for Embroidery by Praire Schooler. Changed the words to Icelandic.
9) A Mothers Love Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush. For my mother.
10) Snow Fall Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush. For me.
11) Dance of the Bumblebee by Bent Creek. One over one and made into an ornament.
12) Forget me Not Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush. Memories of my trip to Texas.
13) Mini Cottages III by Michael Powell. Three down, one to go.
14) Scarecrow Round Robin on Perforated Paper for Svandís. Pattern was in For The World Of Cross Stitching Magazine.
15) Orange Biscornu. For myself. Pattern from an old Icelandic pattern book.
16) White/Purple Biscornu. For Tracy. Pattern was a freebie. Here is the back.
17) Sunflower Dish Towell for Tracy. Pattern by Pamella Kellog.
18) Pink-ish Biscornu for Rósa. For an exchange.
19) Black/green Biscornu for Maggý. A gift.
20) Keeping The Bees by Shepherd’s Bush.
21) Tending The Blooms by Shephed’s Bush.
22) White/Pink/Purple/Blue Biscornu for Colleen. Here is the back.
23) Petal Fairy by Mirabilia. Christmas present for my daughter Sumarrós.
24) Santa Globe by Bent Creek.
25) Robin on a branch. Pattern from a British Magazine.
26) Christmas balls. Pattern from a British Magazine.
27) Bear in a stocking. Pattern from a British Magazine.
28) Robin. Pattern from a British Magazine.
29) White/Blue Biscornu. Exchange for Hannah. Here is the back.
30) Margaret Sherry SAL – Day one. I was going to stitch all 12 of them but I only finished this one. And made a start on Day two.

Other projects.
1) I made a slight progress on Fairy Grandmother. This is how she looked in the beginning of the year, and this is how she looks now.
2) I knitted a sweater for my X-BF Mio.
3) I knitted a scarf for myself.
4) I made a mitten out of felt.

I think that was a pretty decent year all in all!
Next, to make a list of what I want to accomplish in 2007!


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4 responses to “Happy new year!

  1. Aimee

    Linda! I can’t find a current email address for you but I miss you and decided to track you down with google. Please email me, I would love to hear from you!

    xoxoxo Aimee

  2. Aimee

    PS it would help if you had my email, huh? it’s aimee.hartmann@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from you! xo

  3. Hannah

    Can’t wait to see what you stitch up in 2007! 🙂

  4. Sonja

    congratulations on your accomplices. That’s impressive.

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