List for 2007

So I have been going through my projects and deciding what I want to get done in 2007. This is what I have come up with so far.

New Projects.
1) A Stitcher’s Accessory Book – Judy Odell.
I have everything I need to get this one done, the linen, the Needle Necessities floss, the beads, the chart and the finishing instructions. I am doing the Autumn colors version.
2) Lizzie*Kate – 12 Blessings Of Christmas.
I am going to do one picture a month. I am thinking of using the darker fabric that I bought while in London last year and do them all on one piece of fabric. I think these will look good on the checked fabric.
3) Spot of Winter – The Drawn Thread.
4) Spot of Summer – The Drawn Thread.
5) Spot of Spring – The Drawn Thread.
6) Spot of Autumn – The Drawn Thread. I got all these “Spots” for my birthday from my friend Rósa and all the speciality threads to stitch them.
7) Christmas Stocking – Stitcher’s Studio. For myself. Then me and my girls will all have Christmas stockings.

Already started projects.
1) Fairy Grandmother – Lavender & Lace. I want to get more done on her. The mission is not to finish her, just work on her more.
2) A Gift From The Eagle Feather – Dimmensions Gold Collection Kit. I have started this one over since I took that picture. It was off by a couple of stitches and I can’t find the error. So I started it over. It is going to be for my father.
3) Mini Cottages IV – Michael Powell. I have already done Mini Cottages 1, 2 and 3 and want to do the last one to finish up the series.
4) Finish knitting the dress for my daughter Karítas. No picture as of yet.

1) Dice exchange at my cross stitch group.
2) Bookmark exchange at the LiveJournal community.

I think that is it for now. I will add and change this list as I remember to do so throughout the year :o) So what are your stitching goals for 2007?

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  1. Sonja

    Exciting – I really like the ‘Spot of..’ pictures 😉

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