First finish of 2007

And what have we here? Something that is not on the list I posted yesterday, but I started this last year (just a couple of days ago) and finished it up last night. It is a biscornu for one of the ladies that my mother works for. There is going to be another one in blue to give to the other lady. They are mother and daughter and are just so wonderful that I wanted to give them a little something. They both gave my daughters Christmas presents (I had no idea that they would) so I decided to make a little something for them. And a biscornu is something that I know that they will love since they both sew and stitch.
This is a free pattern and you can get it here.

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Stitched on 28ct antique white linen with red Needle Necessities floss. The same one I used for my Love Tree by M-designs. I was going to use the same pattern for the other biscornu but now I am not so sure. I have so many beautiful patterns to make these so I am having a hard time deciding which one to use.


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4 responses to “First finish of 2007

  1. Rósa Tom

    Vá!!! Hann er gjööööðveikur!!!
    Munstrið er ekkert smá flott.. ég held að ég eigi eftir að taka mig til og sauma það og gera LOKSINS Biscornu!!!
    Hlakka til að sjá þann næsta.

  2. CircesMagic

    Hey sweetie, WHATS UP???

    Long time no speak…how are those precious girls of yours??

    Sending you some NY love…Did you know I was moving to Indiana, gotta get your love while I am still in the state, LOL!!


  3. IcelandMom

    Þessi er æðislegur Linda, takk fyrir að láta linkinn á munstrið fylgja. Að sauma Biscornu er komið á listann hjá mér. 🙂 Eins og það sé ekki nóg á honum fyrir. LOL


  4. stitcherw

    Your Biscornu is lovely. I keep seeing these lately, but haven’t made one yet.

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