2nd finish of 2007

Well, as close to beeing finished as possible. I finished the first of the 12 Blessings of Christmas by Lizzie*Kate. I decided to do the Friends piece first and I stitched it in the DMC colors. I haven’t stitched the words “Friends” at the top since I am thinking about translating all of these to Icelandic. Friends would translate to Vinir. And I need to figure the rest of them out, chart them and see if they all work with the patterns. So I will figure that out later.

**EDIT** I have added the letters to it. I think it looks great :o)

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It is getting late and I must get to bed. I have to work tomorrow.
Oh, and speaking of tomorrow. My friend Sveina from my stitching group just came back from a vacation overseas and she was so sweet to buy an i-pod nano for me! She is going to drop it of at my office tomorrow! It is PINK! I am so excited to get it!


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4 responses to “2nd finish of 2007

  1. Hannah

    Whoa, girl! Slow down! =)

    Lucky you for getting the Nano. I wanted one for Christmas, but all I got for Christmas was my boyfriend divorcing his (ex)wife… =D

  2. Rósa

    Wow, you’re fast! I’ve gotten my mojo with the Winter Queen back so I’m going to stick with her for now but the next thing on my list is one of these little ornies.

    Congrats on the iPod. I really want one too, but noone loves me enough to give me one 😦

  3. Rósa Tom

    Ja hérna hér…
    Það er ekki nema 5. Jan. og þú ert strax búin með 2 myndir.
    Það lýtur út fyrir að listinn yfir þetta ár eigi eftir að verða töluvert lengri en eftir síðasta ár.
    Alla veg… þetta er náttla bara geggjuð mynd og ég hlakka til að sjá hvernig kemur út að íslenska þetta… ætla að leyfa þér að gera það áður en ég ræðst á þessar sætu myndir.

  4. Carol

    What a cute finish – congratulations!

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