I am a very happy girl!

I am a very happy girl today. I got a promotion at my job! I had been thinking about quitting and finding something else, told my boss and she didn’t want me to leave. So I was offered a new and better position that I took. I start on February 1st! Weeha!
So me and my daughters are celebrating. We had pizza for dinner (they love pizza), rented a movie and are having popcorn. I just took a quick brake from the movie to blog a little. The little one is already asleep but Sumarrós is watching the movie, Mulan II.

I finally managed to take a decent picture of the scissor fob I made the other day. This is a free pattern from The Drawn Thread and you can get it here. There are other cute free designs here.

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It is so tiny! I did it one over one on 28ct fabric and I love how it turned out. I am going to take the ribbon away though and make a cute beaded string to attach to it.

I also finished ‘Joy’ in the L*K 12 Blessings of Christmas series.

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And made a start on Stitchers Acessory Book. I am so in love with it and I can hear it calling my name right now so I better get back to showing it and my daughter (who is also calling for me) my attention.

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5 responses to “I am a very happy girl!

  1. stitcherw

    Congratulations on the promotion, it is always nice to know they appreciate you at work. Also, your finishes look great, I really like the little fob, very cute.

  2. Anne S

    Huge congratulations on the promotion – it must feel fantastic knowing you’re so appreciated they didn’t want to lose you! Way to go! 😀 The fob is gorgeous too 😀

  3. Carol

    Congratulations! And what a cute fob!

  4. Susimac

    Congratulations on your promotion. Love your WIP and finishes, the fob is just delightful.

  5. Hannah

    Congrats on the promotion! *hugs* I love the fob!

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