It has been way too long!

I haven’t blogged in way too long. I am sorry. Things have just been quite crazy around here, both at home and at my job. Nothing bad though, just very good and productive busy. I have been stitching though. Not much, but some. I also cleaned my house over the weekend and man does it feel good to be in a perfectly clean house!

I started and finished this biscornu last night. It is for my friend Robyn in Australia. Her and some other ladies from my worldwide stitching group are sending me floss in exchange for biscornus :o) I love that idea since floss (DMC) is so horribly expensive here in Iceland that I can’t afford to buy it here. And I love making biscornus so this is a wonderful trade for me!

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Robyn picked this variegated purple DMC floss for her biscornu. I stitched it on 25ct white Lugana and used Mill Hill beads for the sides. Every 5th stitch. The pattern is from one of my old Icelandic patternbooks and I love how it turned out.


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4 responses to “It has been way too long!

  1. Rósa Tom

    Hann er gjöööðveikur!
    Geggjaður litur á garninu.

  2. Hannah

    Very pretty! If you ever need DMC, let me know. I can pick it up pretty cheap. I owe you a favor 🙂 I got a complete set from my mom from Christmas and I have some duplicates I’d be more than happy to send you.

  3. hafrún ásta

    Vá hvað hann er flottur Linda geðveikir litur á honum og vel saumaður as always.

  4. IcelandMom

    Þessi er æðislegur Linda, eins og allir hinir.


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