This weekend ended up quite differently than it was supposed to. I was going to have a nice and relaxing time with my daughters, go out on a sled in the snow and have some fun. Well, on Saturday I hurt my leg really bad. I was limping all over and couldn’t put any weight on it. I thought I had broken it, but I took some painkillers and something to reduce swelling and when I woke up on Sunday morning it was a lot better. I am still swollen and bruised but I can walk and am not in any pain.

Yesterday I started to get a runny nose. I had a friend over for dinner (Tikka Masala chicken, rice and Rajita, yumm) and felt worse and worse throughout the evening. And off course when I finally went to bed I had a runny nose and a fever. So I didn’t go to work today :-/ I still have a fever and feel awful so I probably will not go into work tomorrow either. And I think Karítas is getting sick also. Sumarrós seems fine though.

I hardly did any stitching this weekend :-/ I am going to try to do some stitching tonight and hopefully finish up the biscornu I am doing for my friend Colleen.

I hope you all had a much better weekend than I did and that your week will be fabulous!


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3 responses to “Blegh!

  1. Hannah

    Hope you are feeling better soon! I was sick last week! It must be going around. =D

  2. AnneS

    Oh no, you poor thing, sounds like you’ve really been in the wars – hope you’re back on your feet and feeling better soon! 😀

  3. rósa Tom

    æji.. elskan mín!
    Ekki gott að heyra að þú sért orðin veik ofan á allt annað!
    Vona að þú verðir snögg að hrista þetta af þér.
    Knús og kossar frá okkur

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