Random Act Of Kindness

Oh my! First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU for my wonderful friend Hannah for sending me such a wonderful package. I didn’t even know it was coming! I am so happy and thankful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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This is what I got:
A chocolate aligator that my daughter Sumarrós was quick to snatch from me lol!
Fruit Delights candy – can’t wait to taste these.
A bundle of DMC floss.
A bundle of PJ Coats floss in a beautiful variegated red/pink-ish color.
M Desigsns – Grace Tree Ornament
Just Nan – Snow Bonnets
Just Nan – Snow Faces

And my favorite:
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Isn’t it beautiful? I absolutely love it! The finishing is just perfect! It has already been placed on my shelf of stitched things.

This RAOK couldn’t have arrived at a better time. My daughter Karítas is sick and I took her to the doctor today to get her checked out. She has a bad ear infection in one ear and a cold. No fever though. The visit to the doctor took about 2 hours! And then I had to go to the pharmacy and to the grocery store so I wasn’t feeling that bright and cheery when I got home. So last night and today have been spent with a rather unhappy baby in my arms and every mother knows how exhausting that can be. I am staying home with her tomorrow also but will probably go to work on Thursday.


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2 responses to “Random Act Of Kindness

  1. vá mar…
    Þvílíkt og annað eins… þetta er ekkert smá geðveikt 😉
    Það er ekki slæmt að eiga svona vini.
    Mig langar einmitt að gera svona “pinkeep” eins og þú fékkst.
    Nú verð ég að fara að drífa mig í heimsókn til þín stelpa.

    Ég setti link í nýjustu færsluna í blogginu mínum þar sem þú getur séð leiðbeiningarnar sem ég studdist við í skæratöskunni.

    Vona að Karítas verði fljót að jafna sig á þessari eyrnabólgu.. þetta er svo ömurlegt… ég kannast sko alveg við það 😉

  2. I am glad you liked everything. I was hoping you would get it by Valentine’s Day. I sent it almost 3 weeks ago!

    I picked up the Grace chart for you a LONG time ago when you were having b/f problems, but I didn’t have anything else to send with it. I have wanted to send you a package since then. It just took me a while 🙂 I also wanted to send you something to say thank you for all the great things you’ve sent to me 🙂 I thought the alligator and orange candies were fitting since you visited FL and I am/was/are from Florida. lol.

    That was the first pinkeep I’ve ever made. It was fun to make and didn’t take all that long.

    Anyway, brightening your day brightened mine. I am so stressed with all this moving!

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