I went home early today from work. My daycareprovider called and told me that Karítas had been throwing up. So off course I went and picked her up. Stopped at my house first to get some clothes for her though.  She seemed fine until about half an hour ago when she threw up again. And I think she might have a slight fever. She is not eating but she does drink water and apple juice. She is just watching the Teletubbies (thank you Edda) and seems to be trying to relax. Smart little baby.

The hoodie was picked up last night and the boy I was stitching for loved it. He gave me a bottle of nice red wine for my work and we both were happy. I can’t wait for my next Waste Canvas project. It is going to be a secret until it is done though 😉

I updated my Wish List today. I found lots of other stuff to add to it. Shame on me!

I have been stitching, but I am doing a piece for the cube/dice exchange in my cross stitch group, so I can’t share pictures until after March 15th. I love it though. The floss I am using is so much fun!


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2 responses to “Sickness.

  1. Æji elskan mín… Ekki gott að heyra að uppköstin hafi byrjað aftur. Vona að KÁ jafni sig fljótt og að þið Sumarrós sleppið við þennan fjanda.
    Hlakka til að sjá tenginginn þinn…
    ætla núna að kíkja á óskalistann þinn.
    knús og batnaðarkveðjur úr einu veikindabæli í annað 😉

  2. Vonandi batnar Karítas fljótt. Hlakkaði svo til að kíkja á þig og stelpurnar í hitting en það bíður bara betri tíma. ;o) Nú langar mig geðveikt að prófa svona wastcanvas þetta var svo flott hjá þér.

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