Happy dance!

Sorry, no pictures though. I can’t share them until sometime next week when my partner gets the beautiful Dice/Cube in the mail. It is so pretty though, I love how it turned out. Very easy to make, just like the biscornus 🙂 I will mail it on Monday so pictures will come on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Next up is another biscornu, this time for Sandy. She dyed the floss herself that she sent me and it is so pretty. White/blue/pink colors. Very nice.

And I signed up for a Needle Roll Exchange in my LiveJournal Community. I love making needlerolls so now I just have the difficult task of choosing a pattern ahead of me. But that is half the fun!

Sumarrós, my older daughter, had a fever yesterday and is still a little sick today. I myself am not feeling that great either. It is just the monthly thing coming along and then I always feel like I am getting sick for a couple of days and then I start my period and realise “oh, that was why I was feeling so bad”. You would think that after 15+ years of this that I would know what is going on but I never seem to realise it. LOL!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


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3 responses to “Happy dance!

  1. I got a peak at dice and I loooove it.. It’s just gorgeous.
    The floss for Sandy’s biscornu is beautiful and I’m looking forward to see how this biscornu turns out. Have you decided about the fabric?
    I hope Sumarrós is feeling better and you also!!!

  2. I just gave mine away & thankfully the receiver loved it. I’m so glad because I loved making it.

  3. Eva

    Oh my god the baby got so big, where did the time go???? She is so cute, looks like Summaros! So how you doing?

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