Another Happy Dance!

I finished the Biscornu for Sandy just now. Once again I tried something new. I added bows to the top corners of the biscornu. I think it came out really well.

Side view:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Top view: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

28ct Victorian Red and Antique White Lugana.

Hand dyed thread from Sandy.
Pattern: 4 Little Hearts by Indigo Rose.

I love how the floss that Sandy dyed came out on this fabric. I tried it first on some 2ct Meran in Cream color that Sandy sent with the floss, but the floss just didn’t show up on that fabric. So me and my friend Rósa sat down one night when she came over to stitch, and went through my fabric stash to find something that would work with the floss. The Victorian Red called out to both of us but I wasn’t so sure about it. But then I started stitching it, and the more I stited the more I loved it 🙂


Look at my little Karítas! Fashion Queen in the making eh?
My mother came over yesterday and like usually Karítas wanted to go through her purse. She managed to find this lip gloss, open it and put it all over her cheek. Isn’t she cute?

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3 responses to “Another Happy Dance!

  1. WOW… Linda this Biscornu is stunning, just gorgeous. I’m in love… 😉
    The bows are so cute and I think it turned out lovely.
    Karitas is such a sweetheart as always.. This pic is just too cute.

  2. Aww look how adorable Karítas is. Love the biscornu & you are right this color is perfect for the floss. I’m sure Sandy will love it.

  3. Let’s see now…I want to make sure that I put down everything that I want to say…
    1) Hi there. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. Love your Biscornu’s.
    which brings me to 2) the red based biscornu is stunning. And the little red bows are a delight.
    3) Your youngest daughter is sweet and all pretty in pink. Even with the lip gloss. Save this one for when she’s in her teens. Your eldest makes a great witch.

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