New Project.

I have had a pretty quiet weekend. My mother came over on Friday when she had finished work and brought home made pizza with her. Yummmm! She stayed here and helped me out until the girls were in bed and asleep. That was wonderful since I still have no energy though the meds are working. Just doing a load of laundry leaves me puffing for air. My mother is the best! Thank you mom for always be willing to lend a hand whenever I need it and even when I don’t. Love you!

Yesterday I had a quiet day. I folded laundry (I had to, Mount Washmore was taking over the house!) and cooked dinner. That was about it. Did a little stitching on L*K 12 Days of Christmas durring the day and made some progress with the ‘Peace’ section. My friend Edda from my stitching group came over to pick up the piece of fabric I had promised her, the same fabric that I am using for my L*K 12 Days project. She e-mailed me about it and I had a piece of just the right size so I told her she could keep it. She surpriced me with a chart(with embellishments!!) from my wish List, Just Nan’s Wintry Mix. Thank you Edda!

Last night I was feeling uninspired by my WIP’s so I started a new project. Nothing big though, just a little something for a quick satisfaction. I will share a picture once I have a little more stitching done on it. I saw this stitched up at some blog (I am sorry, I can’t remember where) and fell in love with it. I know that Becky has done this.

It is a free pattern and you can find it here.


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4 responses to “New Project.

  1. Var einmitt búin að sjá þetta hjarta og fannst það svo flott kannski maður geri þetta einhvern tíma.

  2. crossthatpath

    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog as now I have been able to visit your beautiful blog. I hope you are feel a lot better now.
    I love your biscornu’s. I am working on my first one. Hopefully will finish it today but am already thinking about the next one. I have printed off the heart freebie you posted and am very tempted to start it. LOL! I have SO many things started……I better be good and finish a few things first.
    Thanks again for visiting me and allowing me to see your lovely blog. I have linked to your blog as well. (smile)

  3. how nice of Edda to bring you this chart.
    I’m looking forward to see how your “heart project” turnes out.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA Mount Washmore, I love it! I have to conquer my own mount washmore tomorrow!!

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