Fabrics galore!

I just hit the jackpot. I got this assortment of fabrics for a ridiculus price today. A friend of mine somehow bought TONS of Belfast Linen really cheap and I got to go through them and buy from her what I wanted for hardly any money. It is nothing compared to how much a yard of Belfast Linen costs from the LNS here IF they have it, which is hardly ever.

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These pieces are huge! Different sizes, but still all of them are huge. I am in fabric heaven!  They are all in 32ct except the green one, that one is 28ct. I have no idea on the colors actual names since it didn’t come labeled. But I love them! I see many future projects there!


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5 responses to “Fabrics galore!

  1. Wow! Awesome stash. I’m so envious!

  2. geggjað er einmitt með smá lager af sýningunni.

  3. Von

    Lucky girl!!! Lots of possibilities there. 😀

  4. Linda, I was just catching up on your blog and read that you’ve had pneumonia. Poor you!! I hope that you’re feeling better now, and not over doing things yet.
    I really love the Fairy Grandmother that you’re stitching now. The colours on her are so beautiful.
    I’ve never seen a Dice finish before that I can recall. What a clever idea.
    Are you seeing any signs of Spring in your part of the world? What kind of winter did you have this year? It seems that the weather has been strange all over lately.
    Sending healthy thoughts and best wishes from Judy

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