My first pinkeep!

I decided some time ago to make ‘E is for embroidery’ by Prairie Schooler into a pinkeep. I have never made a pinkeep before. I am not 100% happy with the outcome, but I did learn a lot while making this one and one of the main things I learned is that this design is way to big for a pinkeep. I also need to stretch the fabric better. Oh well, you live and you learn.

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E is for Embroidery by Prairie Schooler (translated to Icelandic)
DMC Threads
16ct Fiddlers Cloth

I also have a question. Where do you all buy the decorative pins with the pearl heads? I have so few and they are so horribly expensive here. I found a box of about 40 of them for about $6.50 the other day :-/ I bought it though, just because I had so few and they had nice colors. Is there a place on-line that you can order them from for a fair price? Please if you know of a place let me know :o)


I am almost done with the needle roll. I have just been working late so I haven’t been able to finish it. But that means I will not be able to send it until after Easter. That is fine though since I am early anyways.


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4 responses to “My first pinkeep!

  1. Linda, that’s a very pretty design you chose.

    I buy pins here for like 90 for $0.50 at JoAnn’s fabrics. They come in assorted colors. I will pick some up for you the next time I go. They are VERY cheap here!

  2. I have bought quite a few pins from this lady and she has a Ebay store. I like her products.
    I bought pin keeps from regular local craft stores as well.

  3. Hi, Linda, I saw you are a newbie on the Gift of Stitching Magazing Group. Isn’t it the best stitching mag. going? Love almost every page of every issue. I hope you enjoy the chats and some of the good leads and links to freebies that we try to give to eachother. Just wanted to stop by and say welcome and to check out your very nice blog. Love your Prairie pinkeep!
    Deb in FL/ Lavender Rose

  4. Oh, it turned out just wonderful 🙂 Some how I have been missing your posts…I hope I have that resolved now 🙂
    GREAT work!

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