Easter Vacation.

I love the the time off work that I get durring Easter. It is so nice to have a LONG weekend. And look at what I won on Wednesday at work!

107-0746_IMG We have a lottery once a month. If you want to join you just bring a bottle of red or white wine and you pick a number and you are in. Then we put all the numbers in a basket and draw. I won the big prize! 10 bottles of white and red wine. (Yes there is one missing, I gave it to my X-MIL)

So what have I been upto? Well, not much really. I have just been enjoying being at home and playing with my daughter Karítas. My older daughter Sumarrós is spending this weekend with her father so it is just me and Karítas here at home taking it easy. We took a long walk by the ocean on Thursday and had dinner with my X-MIL and her family. We had a leg of lamb and it was yummie!! Yesterday we went to my parents house and I cleaned the car inside and out. It was so filthy that I had almost forgotten what it looked like. But now it is looking great and smelling nice too.I have been stitching.

Needleroll Exchange I finished the needleroll for the needleroll exchange at the LiveJournal community. You can see a little sneak preview of it on the picture (click for a larger view). I am so in love with this needleroll, it is going to me very difficult to say goodbye to it. Now I just have to pick and choose little extras to send along with it to its new home so that I can mail it after Easter.

I am also almost done with L*K’s 12 Blessings of Christmas! I only have one and a half square left. I will probably finish it tonight or tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Easter Vacation.

  1. What a great lottery win 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your needleroll finish!

  2. Congratilations on the winning the lottery.
    I just might have to visit you and taste some of this 😉
    I love to pattern you chose for the needleroll and I can’t wait to see it finished.
    Happy easter girl!!!
    Give your girls a hug from us.

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