Biscornu for Linda TX.

We call her Linda TX because she lives in Texas and there are two of us in the group, me and her. So she is Linda TX and I am Linda from Iceland or just plain Linda. I met Linda last year in Texas when I went to my stitching retreat. She is great just like all the other women I met while I was there. Oh man, I miss them!

So here is the biscornu I did for her. I am very happy with how it turned out. I love that pattern.

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Free pattern found here (.pdf file). Here is a picture of the back.
32ct Belfast Linen – Clay from Silkweavers
DMC #3802 and #223
Mill Hill Beads #62012

Next I am going to finish one UFO. Then I have a Newton’s Law Birth Announcement to stitch. Oh, and off course more biscornus! LOL!


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13 responses to “Biscornu for Linda TX.

  1. Vá.. hann er geggjaður!!!
    Þú ert svo dugleg Linda mín.

  2. WOW! That is one gorgeous biscornu. Thanks for providing the link as well!

  3. KarenV

    That is so pretty! i love the design and the colours 🙂 Thanks for the link – I think I’ll be stitching this for myself!

  4. Very pretty biscournu! I noticed that you did a beaded edge for the finishing, and I had been thinking about trying that out. It looks fabulous! Thank you so much for including the link 🙂

  5. Hi Linda, I really like the pattern for this biscornu. The little bit of rose coloured thread used to trim the deep red thread adds a nice highlight to the design. And the red heart button in the centre is a nice touch. As are the beads around the outside. I’m hoping to do the Drawn Thread’s “Spot of Summer” etc too, and have gotten some fabric to stitch them with. But I ordered the threads too and they are taking forever to come. Sigh. Rupert says Hi. Cheers

  6. wow!! the biscornu is gorgeous!!! I love te look of the beads on the edge

  7. It’s just gorgeous 🙂 Fantastic finish!!

  8. Sherry

    Just beautiful Linda! I know Linka will LOVE it!

  9. Carmen

    !!! Precioso biscornu!!!

  10. wow, what a pretty Biscornu.

  11. ok Linda mín, nú er ég búin að blogga svo það er komið að þér :p

  12. That’s a beautiful biscornu, Linda.

  13. Linda (TX)

    Linda, I love my biscornu! I brought it to my stitching group along with your article from The Gift of Stitching. They were very impressed that I knew a celebrity!!!

    Thanks again!

    Linda (TX)

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