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Rest In Peace

Ásta Lovísa was a beautiful human being. I didn’t know her, but like most people in Iceland feel like I have known her for years by reading her blog about her life and fight for her life. She had been fighting a currageous battle with cancer and today her battle was over, lost. She leaves a fiance and 3 young children and parents. She inspired me with her courage, her will for life and her bright spirits. She will live in my memory, always.

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Spot of Autumn – Happy Dance

Yes, another happy dance for me, can you hear my tapping feet? I finished this one up just now, started it on Saturday. It was such a joy to stitch. And another strike from my stitching goal list for 2007 🙂 Oh, I updated that page with the exchanges that I signed up for at the SBEBB. Can’t wait!

Spot Of Autumn

Spot of Autumn – The Drawn Thread
36ct Edinborough Summer Khaki
Recommended threads used (DMC, WDW and NN)

I am going to stitch all of the seasonal Spots but decided to start this one first and then I will stitch Spot of Winter. I am going to pass these two charts along to Lili since I saw in one of her posts that she only had Spot of Summer and Spring and was missing the other two seasons. So after I finish Newton’s Law Birth Sampler and a biscornu or two I will probably start on Spot of Winter.

I bought a chart (with floss!) from my wishlist from Karen V. yesterday. She was going through her stash and decided on a couple of things that she didn’t want to stitch anymore or had already stitched. One of those charts was Matter’s Choise by Carriage House Samplings and I jumped at it faster then you can say PayPal! I can’t wait to get it :o)

We have had a wonderful long weekend here. Sumarrós had a girlfriend over for a sleepover on Saturday and they had lots of fun and giggled themselves to sleep around midnight. And so it begins. I bet they will want to do sleepovers all the time from now on LOL!
I hope you have all had a great weekend.


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A Finish and a WIP

I finished stitching French Country Rooster by JBW Designs last night and I just love how it turned out! Now I want to stitch on the Cat in the same series but I am going to finish some gifts first.

French Country Rooster
French Country Rooster by JBW Designs
32ct Light Mocha Belfast
Needle Necessities #129

I am also working on this Newton’s Law Birth Sampler for my boss’s newborn babygirl. I did this same piece for my daughter Karítas when she was born. I love this piece, it is so fun to stitch and fast also. And it sure helps that I am a HUGE Newton’s fan. I think he is the cutest bear there is!

Newton's Law Birth Announcement
Newton’s Law Birth Sampler by Anchor
28ct Tuttie Fruttie Lugana from Silkweavers
DMC threads


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New look.

Look at my pretty new header for my blog 🙂 Me and my girls, Sumarrós (aged 7, going on 8 in June) and Karítas (who will be 2 in September).

Awwww, aren’t we cute?

PS. I am now getting over 100 visitors almost every day. Who are you people? I am curious. Please leave me a comment, even if it is just to say hi :o) I love to know who is reading


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Needle Roll Exchange

I was very happy to see that Hannah receaved the needleroll I stitched for her for the Needle Roll exchange in the LiveJournal Community along with all the other goodies I sent her. Here is a mosaic of the Needleroll. I love this pattern and I am going to make another one for myself one day.

Needleroll For Hannah
Click for a larger view
Hearts Sampler by Heart in Hand Needleart
Stitched with the recommended WDW and GAST threads
Fabric: 28ct Silkweaver Solo Lugana

I also included some other goodies:

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Two pieces of hand-dyed linen, 3 fat quarters of fabric, 3 spools of ribbon in her favorite color (blue), 4 different buttons from Mill Hill, a post card and a book on Iceland embroidery. (Photo snatched from Hannah’s blog).

EDIT: Is anyone else having problems with Photobucket and uploading pictures to WordPress? I am going batty!!!


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Fabrics anyone?

I am selling some fabrics for a friend of mine. She asked me to do this for her since her health isn’t good enough to be doing this her self.

There is a new page on my blog that you can see pictures and prices on. All info is on that page.

Thanks so much.

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Redwork Exchange

I finally finished my pieces for the Redwork Exchange in my Icelandic stitching group and drove it to my friends Rósa’s house earlier. I told her that I would be a little late in sending it since work has been extremely busy lately. I was only 3 days late, not so bad 🙂

Redwork Exchange

Redwork Exchange,
originally uploaded by litlaskvis.

Click for a larger picture

This is what I made for her:
Scissor Fob from JCS Christmas Ornaments Issue 2006
Scissor Purse from JCS Christmas Ornaments Issue 2005
A Needleworker’s Pocket from JCS Christmas Ornaments Issue 2003
All designs by With My Needle
Stitched on 32ct Light Mocha Belfast with Needle Necessities #153

Bigger pictures can be viewed here: Front and back.


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